The Adam Project Director Praises Ryan Reynolds' Astounding Performance

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After director Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds' Free Guy, looks like the duo forged an unbreakable bond, moving into their next venture on the streaming service, Netflix, for The Adam Project. The Adam Project was instantly met with positive feedback from critics and audiences, that despite its Scifi-Adventure genre, the film didn't set back to discuss emotional family themes that easily connected with the fans.

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But it's not just the fans who loved Ryan Reynolds' new film, John Krasinski also shared that The Adam Project made him cry, while Wolverine star Hugh Jackman paused his feud with Reynolds to praise the actor for another victorious film.

Now, after two weeks since The Adam Project's release, director Shawn Levy praised Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds for their performance in the film. Levy discussed that in one particular sequence, he was impressed with how Reynolds pulled off an emotional scene, given how the actor mostly starred in comedic roles. Levy explained,

"I am so loving you right now because you just flagged two of my absolute favorite moments in the movie where we all know, Ryan Reynolds, he's been famous a long time, but man, on that scene, I mounted the camera to the truck and I said, "Ryan, drive away. You're driving away from the only woman you've ever loved," and he just brought it. It's in the kind of scene that we don't see Ryan do every day and it felt special and it felt raw. The same thing, Zoe is staring down her own death. And there's not a line of dialogue, and she plays 17 different emotions as camera slowly pushes in. It's one of Ryan's and my favorite moments too."

Well, it sure looks like Levy is impressed with Reynolds' work and paves the way for future collaborations. Thankfully, we will see more of the classic Reynolds-Levy duo, as Levy is confirmed to helmed Reynolds' Deadpool 3. While Deadpool 3 is entirely different from The Adam Project, the pair will definitely bring another entertaining entry to the Deadpool franchise.

The Adam Project
is streaming on Netflix and Deadpool 3 is still in development, pushing a 2023 release date.

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