Tammy Slaton Shock: 1000-Lb Sisters Star No Place To Live, Can't Afford Rent After Paying Pricey Rehab, Sister Amy Says

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Tammy Slaton is currently in a rehab facility to shed the extra weight she packed on over the years and qualify for bariatric surgery. The 1000-Lb Sisters star is paying the pricey fee from her own insurance and could no longer afford to rent her own place, according to her sister, Amy Slaton.

1000-Lb Sisters Tammy Slaton Will Be Staying With Sister Amy After Rehab

Pregnant Amy Slaton spoke with The Sun, where she talked about her future plans and shared some details about her older sister Tammy Slaton's rehab stint. Amy just bought a new $37.5K home while Tammy was in rehab for over a month. She shared her new house with her husband, Michael Halterman, and 15-month-old son, Gage. But Tammy will also be temporarily staying with the family.


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"Tammy's social security pays it, it takes her whole social security check, the show isn't paying," Tammy told the outlet. "That's why I hear she doesn't have a place to live because she can't afford the rent. When she comes out she'll stay with me for a little bit, soon as we find a place she'll go there."

According to Amy, TLC had paid for Tammy's previous rehab stays. At present, she has no idea when Tammy will return. She might remain there for a year or two, and it's fine with her as long as her sibling receives the help she needs.

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Amy Might Not Join Tammy Slaton In Next Season Of 1000-Lb Sisters

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton have become more popular when they appeared on TLC's reality show 1000-Lb Sisters documenting their weight loss journey and the other areas of their lives. Amy admitted that the show is one of her sources of income. However, she isn't sure if she will return to Season 4. Amy said she couldn't film every day like in the last season.

Amy is pregnant with her second child and her son doesn't want her away. She is still open to returning to the show if the producers will reduce her screen time.


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"I don't really want to do another season because I'm pregnant, it's just a lot. If they cut down my hours I'll be probably fine," Amy told The Sun. "But last season I was working every day for weeks, plus renovating a house, plus Gage, plus Tammy, plus my mom. It was just a lot last year and I can't do it."

During Amy's interview, the network has not contacted her yet for another season. So, she has no idea if she will return and when they will start filming.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton. We will also keep you posted when 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 receives the green light from TLC.

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