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Studio Ghibli Creator Hayao Miyazaki Calls AI Art ‘An Insult To Life Itself’

AI-generated art is taking over the internet as this seemingly harmless social media trend could easily make anyone an ‘artist’ by simply using its apps that allow you to ‘create’ AI art from scratch, but is also endangering the livelihood of many artists. A video of Hayao Miyazaki resurfaces in which when he was presented with the capabilities of AI art beyond the human skills in terms of ideating creations, the Studio Ghibli creator only had one thing to say.

Granted that AI art can also still be helpful to artists when conceptualizing works, AI art can also easily copy and steal an original artist’s work and claim it its own creation. This goes the same for those who decided to utilize the app similarly. In a resurfaced video brought by @TofuPixel on Twitter, Hayao Miyazaki was presented with how AI art can learn particular movements, and to that, Miyazaki berated the idea, that it insults the very notion of living. You can watch the video below:

If you watched the video, Nobuo Kawakami, the Chairman of DWANGO, Co., Ltd. (Japanese telecommunications and media company) was showcasing how AI technology managed to create a creepily moving headless body that could be used in zombie video games.

However, Miyazaki pointed out that he has a friend with a disability, thus not finding the video interesting or amusing at all. Read Miyazaki’s full comment below:

“Whoever creates this stuff has no idea what pain is or whatsoever. I am utterly disgusted. If you really want to make creepy stuff, you can go ahead and do it. I would never wish to incorporate this technology into my work at all. I strongly feel that this is an insult to life itself.”

Although the presenters responded that this was merely just an experiment, Miyazaki had begun to realize, “I feel like we are nearing to the end of times. We humans are losing faith in ourselves…”

I’m positively sure that Hayao Miyazaki is one of the million artists all over the globe who feels the same way towards AI art. In fact, just recently, even acclaimed stop-motion Pinnochio creator Guillermo del Toro said the exact same thing on the matter. You can check out some of the fan reactions that agree below:

Meanwhile, you can watch Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli films on Netflix and HBO Max.

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