Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Recap Before the New Season's Change of Mood

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Recap
Credit: Paramount+

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Recap
Credit: Paramount+

Star Trek: Discovery season 5 is upon us and we expect it to be a bit more lighthearted than the emotionally heavy fourth season.

Here's a recap of Star Trek: Discovery season 4 to refresh your memory before season 5:

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Recap: Key Events Explained

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 follows the crew of the titular spaceship Discovery in the 32nd century, at a time when the Federation is rebuilding itself following a catastrophic event.

The fourth season of the beloved science fiction series begins with Captain Michael Burnham and her partner Book inviting people to Alshain IV, repairing its broken technology to prove the Federation's intentions.

Book witnesses the distraction of his planet, while Saru, Discovery's former Captain, returns as Burnham's first officer.

Dr. Hugh Culber and Adira transfer the consciousness of Gray, the latter's dead boyfriend, into a synthetic body.

Despite that, season 4 is still where we bid farewell not only to Gray but also to Tilly, who accepts a teaching position at the Academy and leaves Discovery.

One of the central issues that Discovery's crew must face is an unseen-before gravitational anomaly known as DMA, which threatens planets and systems and creates a big rift mid-season.

As the crew finds out more about the DMA, conflict ensues, with Burnham wanting to contact the anomaly's creator. Book sides with Tarka who has made a weapon to destroy the DMA.

Tarka and Book embark on a perilous quest to locate isolynium that will allow them to finish the weapon. They succeed, but Burnham tracks them.

Ultimately, Burnham convinces Book to back down, but Tarka uses the weapon and destroys the DMA.

Not only does the DMA's power source remain a mystery, but another one appears soon after, causing fears that Species 10-C who created the DMA will strike back.

By the series finale, it becomes apparent that the 10-C were using the DMA to mine baronite, unaware of the harm it was causing.

Brook realizes that Tarka has gone too far and manages to make amends, with the crew of Discovery meeting the 10-C, convincing them to stop using the DMA and make amends.

Discovery returns to Earth which rejoins the Federation and Book commits to helping those who were negatively affected by the DMA, finally addressing his grief.

How Will Things Be Different in Season 5?

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 grapples with complex moral dilemmas and grief.

Showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise have confirmed that Discovery's fifth and final season will be more lighthearted and fun.

Paradise mentioned that while they want to keep the show's emotional core intact, furthering character development and relationships, the fifth season will be characterized by a"sense of adventure."

Do you look forward to a lighter Star Trek: Discovery season 5 or do you prefer the fourth season's more mature themes? Let us know in the comments!

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