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Squid Game Reality TV Show Is Arriving On Netflix

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Credit: Netflix

From the hit series, a new reality TV show is arriving on Netflix with Squid Game: The Challenge but worry not if you’re interested to join because it would not be involving any life or death decisions to put the players in danger but the cash prize will definitely encourage anyone to participate.

In a report from Variety, the head of global TV at Netflix, Bela Bajaria, reveals that Squid Game will be having its very own reality TV series which has a huge cash prize that would surely encourage anyone to participate in the game but they assure that it would not involve any life or death game sequences like that in the hit series.

Netflix plans to involve 456 players versus each other vying for the cash prize $4.56 million. Players will be dealing with mind games inspired by the hit series, Squid Game, and they would have to form alliances as each level has an elimination.

Squid Game: The Challenge is currently in an open casting call and there is an easy requirement as anyone who speaks English can join the reality TV show and audition. Should they be chosen, they will be among the 456 players participating in a 10-episode special.

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Squid Game is a survival drama following four hundred and fifty-six people who are struggling financially in life who got an invite to participate in a mysterious survival competition.

They would have to face each other in a series of traditional children's games; however, it is not that simple. The twists are deadly but the price is a whopping ₩45.6 billion (US$38.5 million) and considering their financial state, they risk their lives for it.

Squid Game easily locked the top stop on Netflix's list and it remained there since its premiere. This is not only in the US but also in several countries like Australia, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Canada, and definitely, in the place of its origin, in South Korea.

Recently, Squid Game has been renewed for a second season and many fans are excited to see what is in store for the upcoming installment of the series.

There is no release date yet for Squid Game: The Challenge. The reality TV show is now in an open casting call for players.


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