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Squid Game Fans Speculate Season 1 Unreleased Clip is a ‘Teaser for Season 2’

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As we all know, fans loved Squid Game for its unique synopsis and plot execution when it comes to power play through a ‘friendly’ series of games the characters used to play in their childhood.

The ending of Squid Game shocked its viewers the moment Hwang Jun Ho (played by Wi Ha-Joon), who had been searching for his long-lost older brother, managed to unveil the Front Man (played by Lee Byung-hoon) behind the mask. The Front Man pulling the strings alongside the mastermind of Squid Game was none other than the police’s own missing brother.

Squid Game Director’s ‘Small Gift’ for the Fans

Squid Game Season 2 is in the works, but on September 24, Netflix released a short clip where Squid Game Director Hwang Dong-hyuk prepared a ‘small gift for the fans’ waiting for its second season.

In the video, the Front Man was seen carrying a bag of water with two goldfish inside. The angle shot revealed he was back in the very apartment he was first introduced to as the police’s missing brother. The Front Man placed the new fish inside the empty fish bowl.

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Credit: Netflix

Squid Game Fans Question: Did This Happen Before or After Squid Game?

Fans in the YouTube comment section exchange their personal theories and interpretations on the unreleased clip.

There are two sides of the fan theory, which circulated the argument: did this happen before or after Squid Game?

Seeing as there was only a silhouette of who is believed to be the police gazing up at his brother’s apartment building, the fans could only base their arguments on the 1-minute clip.

One fan says,

“It’s In Ho, also known as the Front man. He just returned to his apartment after the games were over. While outside is his brother who survived the shot.”

Fan #2 replies to this theory with,

“I highly doubt it because the clip looks like it took place before the games happened and before Jun Ho, aka the police officer, infiltrated the games. This scene comes from when Jun Ho tries to figure out his brother’s whereabouts by going to his one room housing and he discovers the Squid Game card and the fish bowl.”

You might remember the fish bowl from Squid Game Episode 2, which had been one of the few pieces of evidence that Jun Ho knew his brother went missing. The bowl contained 2 dead fish, indicating that his older brother did go missing for quite a while. So it is quite understandable where Fan #2 is coming from.

However, Fan #3 came up with their own comment, contrasting Fan #2’s theory:

“It’s Front man coming home to his tiny room. It can’t be his backstory because it’s from Season 1, there’s no point for it. It can’t be early episodes because it would have spoiled the grand reveal when he shoots his brother. So it’s from the last episode, where all the stories were wrapping up. He came back. Therefore, it could be the detective (Jun Ho) watching him. He’s alive! Wi Ha Joon (plays Wang Jun Ho in the series) is alive!”


For now, there are no official news for Squid Game Season 2, but Squid Game Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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