Sony Compares PS4 Pro Processing Power to Next-Gen PlayStation

Ever since Sony announced that they are working on a new next-gen PlayStation, which will likely be the PlayStation 5 let's be honest, fans have been going nuts over the fact that we're already in the next console generation. During its official reveal in an article, Sony discussed how the new console would make load times a myth, with Marvel's Spider-Man used as an example since it will be backward-compatible.

Well, a demonstration of this new console was recently released, and fans can check it out for themselves. As can be seen below, the load times in the PS5 are almost non-existent, which will be great to see when we place PS4 discs in this next-gen console. While some of us are sad about this development, Sony did say that we wouldn't be getting this console anytime soon.

Sony has been doing really well as a gaming publisher, releasing some quality first-party games that make PS4 owners proud of their soon-to-be last-gen console. It's likely that the PS4 will go down as one of the best consoles Sony released and that's mostly down to the games. Here is hoping that the next PlayStation follows the PS4's legacy and has great games.

And if the launch isn't great, good thing that it will be backward compatible with PS4 games.

No release date for the PlayStation 5 has been released.

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