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Shadow and Bone Season 2 May Start Filming Soon as Scripts are Already Done

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Credit: Netflix

The Grishaverse has more to offer as Shadow and Bone Season 2 has been confirmed on Netflix following the success of their first run topping the viewership ratings of Nielsen.

Great news to the fans and followers of the series as the scripts are already done and the filming may start soon on the continuation of the story of an orphaned girl who later discovered she's what the legends are about – the Sun Summoner.

Shadow and Bone introduced us to people with magical abilities called Grisha, hence the Grishaverse. But for one orphan who becomes a cartographer, Alina Starkov, her powers are in the legends, myths that people used to tell their children, and stories that gave hope to everyone of being able to live one day without the Fold, darkness separating countries with monsters inside. Alina is the only Sun Summoner in existence.

Based on the book trilogy of Leigh Bardugo, Season 1 has introduced us to the vital characters and the whole world of Grishaverse with the classifications of the powers of Grishas, ordinary people who were just trying to survive another day, how governments react to people with abilities, how a Grisha is discovered, and who are the real friends and foes.

Shawn Levy, the executive producer of the show, shared to Collider, "Scripts written, heading into production shortly, in great shape, very much favorable to the characters in the world that we built and the Grishaverse that was put on screen in Season 1. But building out from there. Eric Heisserer still at the helm as creator, showrunner and getting kind of dangerously close to heading into production."

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Knowing that the production might start really soon after the scripts were already penned, it's exciting to see what will happen next on the Grishaverse since Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger of Alina and Mal running away and the revelation that General Kirigan, who was discovered to be the Darkling, is still alive, even expanding the Fold to more countries.

The second season is expected to adopt the Siege and Stormbook of Bardugo, and a new original storyline from the Crows. Many fans are looking forward to the return of the series which has been confirmed to have another 8 episodes for the second season.

There is no release date yet for Shadow and Bone Season 2 but it will definitely be on Netflix.


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