Secret Invasion Episode 1 Shockingly Kills Off Tenured MCU Character

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

After taking a break for over eight months, Marvel Studios finally ended its streaming content drought and released its latest Disney+ offering, Secret Invasion which finally portrays the Skrulls as the villains they were always meant to be.

The Samuel L. Jackson-led series is unlike anything we've seen from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and shies away from all the multiversal shenanigans that have been going on since the beginning of Phase Four.

Episode 1 doesn't skimp out on the thrill and action and the ending alone was more than enough to get the entire MCU fandom talking.

Secret Invasion Episode 1 Sees Shocking Death of Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill

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Credit: Marvel Studios

The premiere episode of Marvel Studios' first Phase Five series, titled "Resurrection" ended in jaw-dropping fashion as it saw the death of agent Maria Hill.

The adrenaline-pumping episode was centered on Fury's return to Earth and finding out that a young battalion of Skrulls has formed a resistance against humans.

Called the "Skrull Council", the rebellion is led by Gravik who felt betrayed after Fury left Earth. The younger Skrulls now see the former director of SHIELD as their biggest enemy after he failed to keep his word that he'll give the shape-shifting aliens their own home.

During the latter part of the episode, Fury, Hill, and Talos attempt to foil Gravik's plan to blow up and terrorize Moscow but to no avail. After the bombs the Council planted detonated, mayhem quickly ensues and we see Fury's Skrull imposter shoot Hill point blank, leaving her lying on the ground and presumably dead.

The real Fury was in an absolute state of shock after what occurred but Talos drags him to flee the already chaotic scene.

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Smulders made her official MCU debut in the original Avengers film and has been an integral part of the franchise since.

Her character's shocking death shouldn't come as a surprise as some of her contemporaries have also exited the franchise following the Infinity Saga but it can't be denied that the studio kinda did her dirty because she was always portrayed as a less important hero.

The first episode of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion is now streaming on Disney+.

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