Sailor Moon: Who Does Usagi End Up With?

Who does Usagi end up with in Sailor Moon
Credit: Toei Animation

Who does Usagi end up with in Sailor Moon
Credit: Toei Animation

For a shoujo anime with "miracle romance" in its signature opening theme song, Sailor Moon focuses on plenty of other things besides romance. The most important relationship is the friendship between Usagi and the other Sailor warriors. This is not to say that romance doesn't play a key role in the story. So, who does Usagi end up with in Sailor Moon?

Who Does Usagi End Up With in Sailor Moon?

Who does Usagi end up with in Sailor Moon 1
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Credit: Toei Animation

Usagi ends up with Mamoru Chiba, also known as Tuxedo Mask - though it takes a little while to figure out that they are the same person.

In the first few episodes, Mamoru and Usagi don't exactly get along but this changes quickly as Mamoru cares about Usagi and supports her throughout.

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The two officially become a couple soon enough but they face a range of trials before they can happily be together.

Their bond can be better understood through the rich lore and worldbuilding of Sailor Moon.

In the narrative present, Usagi and Mamoru fall in love with each other as they are and their feelings are genuine but they initially have no idea about their relationship's background.

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Usagi turns out to be a reincarnation of Princess Serenity, the last heir of the Moon Kingdom. Serenity was cursed to die young while her mutual love for Prince Endymion ended tragically when Queen Beryl attacked the moon kingdom.

Later in the story, Mamoru - who had been looking for clues about his past throughout - turns out to be an incarnation of Prince Endymion, Serenity's lover.

This might seem a bit over the top for modern fans as love stories this epic and perfect feel a little outdated for some. This is not to say that it doesn't fit Sailor Moon which was always an epic tale that is fondly remembered even by those who haven't rewatched the magical girl anime for many years.

Mamoru and Usagi fell in love before Mamoru's past identity was revealed, ensuring that their bond seems natural, rather than compulsory or forced.

Nowadays, more toned down and realistic romances are often deemed preferable but there's something almost comforting about two lovers who find each other through different universes or lifetimes.

Miracle romance indeed.

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