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Robert Kirkman Shocks Fans by Ending The Walking Dead This Week

The Walking Dead has to be the most popular comic book series out there, not under the Marvel or DC banner. Robert Kirkman has done an astonishing job with this series, constantly changing the status quo and introducing some of the most memorable characters out there. The series has also gained a ton of mainstream attention, thanks to the hit television show and some of the video games.

So, to the surprise of many, Robert Kirkman will be ending the series with The Walking Dead #193. No build up or hype, just a shocking end and a 70+-page issue that costs the same price as a regular issue.

Bleeding Cool first reported the news, though it was still a rumor then. However, some people have managed to get their hands on the issue, confirming that this will indeed be the end of the series. The final issue has a message from Kirkman, as well as Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson.

Here is Kirkman's message but with no spoilers since the actual statement has a ton of them (thanks to Bleeding Cool):

I'm upset, too. I'm going to miss it as much as you will, if not more so. It breaks my heart that I had to end it. and we have to move on,.. but I just love this world too much to stretch things out until it doesn't live up to what I want it to be.
I hope you understand.
I hope you. dear reader, know how much I appreciate the gift you have given me. I got to tell my story exactly how I wanted to, for 193 issues, and end it on my terms, with no interference at all along the way… at any point. That's such a rare thing, and it doesn't exist without the unyielding support this series got from readers like you. Thank you so much.

The Walking Dead #193 comes out this week and will be in comic shops everywhere.

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