Queen Elizabeth Shock: What Event Should The British Monarch Attend To If She Could Only Attend One In The Platinum Jubilee Festivity?

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Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her 70 years on the throne this week. However, the British monarch is experiencing mobility problems. One royal correspondent suggested which event to go to for the Platinum Jubilee if she could only be present for a day.

What's The Best Jubilee Event If Queen Elizabeth Could Only Attend One?

Alastair Bruce, Sky News royal commentator, weighed in on the Queen's health. The 96-year-old royal has canceled her attendance at various events due to mobility issues.


The Queen is not expected to be present at every event for the four-day Platinum Jubilee celebration due to her condition. However, he knew that Her Majesty would try to attend as much as she could.

"For The Queen, all the Jubilee events are important, but like all of us, she wakes up with the reality of herself every day. On each day, I’m certain she will try her best, but nobody would expect someone who’s 96 to be made uncomfortable at an event that can be celebrated for her by everyone else who’s feeling good that day," he told Express about the Queen's health. "The mobility issues have been recurring, but from time to time, she is relieved of whatever is making her uncomfortable, as we saw at the Royal Windsor Horse Show."

Bruce suggested one event that the Queen should attend to. He chose the said event because he felt that it's where the Queen will be most comfortable too.

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"I think, if she were to choose one day on which she would most appreciate to feel well, it would probably be the Friday when she can go to St Paul’s and lay before her God her faith and gratitude at having served for 70 years," he added.

After that, Bruce believed the Queen would be with her troops, the Armed Forces representatives, who will be present at The Queen's Birthday Parade. She could skip the Derby, but with the Queen's passion for horses, the expert knew her mind would be at the event.

"Lastly, on the Sunday, I expect there will be countless ways for her to feel she was there without being there," Bruce said.

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Queen Elizabeth Balcony Appearance Expected By Royal Fans

Although Bruce believed Friday is the best day to enjoy the celebration, many want to see the Queen on Thursday at the Trooping the Colour. The Queen is expected to make a balcony appearance with the rest of the working royals.

However, there are concerns that she might skip it because of her mobility problems. It's uncomfortable for the Queen to stand for too long.

The Queen is reportedly "too proud" to be seen in a wheelchair. But royals fans urged her to use one if needed.

Express started a poll asking about the Queen's attendance at the Trooping the Colour and many do not mind seeing her in a wheelchair as long as they can see her on the balcony.

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"[I’d] rather see Her Majesty in a wheelchair than not at all," one respondent named David from Vancouver commented, per Express.


"[It] would be weird if the Queen wasn't on the balcony to celebrate her Platinum. Use a wheelchair, Ma’am," another added.

"There isn't any reason the Queen can't use a wheelchair, there isn't any shame," a third supporter added.

The Queen is determined to attend both the Trooping the Colour and Thanksgiving service at St. Paul's Cathedral.

The Queen is celebrating the Jubilee Platinum this year, and it will culminate in a four-day UK bank holiday weekend from June 2 to June 5. Check out the schedule here.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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