Queen Elizabeth Shock: Prince Charles' Mother Allegedly So Frail Couldn't Walk Corgis, Might Skip Prince Philip's Memorial Service

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Queen Elizabeth II sparked another round of health scare after she canceled her attendance at the Commonwealth Day service on Monday. Many are concerned about her condition, in particular, about her mobility. Some said she might not attend Prince Philip's memorial later this month.

Queen Elizabeth II Is Allegedly So Frail And Couldn't Walk Her Corgis

The Queen has already recovered from COVID-19. However, she has canceled her attendance at the Commonwealth Day service prompting some royal fans to be worried about her health condition.


The cancelation wasn't due to a new illness. However, there were concerns she might find it too taxing to stand for an hour for the service, Express reported.

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An unnamed palace insider claimed that Her Majesty is "increasingly frail" and hasn't been able to walk her dogs for six months already. It allegedly started when she spent a night in the hospital. So, her aides walk her two corgis and dorgi out for daily walks.

"She is not well enough," an anonymous palace source told The Sun. The Queen allegedly "usually turns to her beloved corgis in time of crisis and stress" and walks them out almost every day.

The senior royal said her dogs have remained "very much part of Windsor life."

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Queen Elizabeth II Might Skip Prince Philip's Memorial


The royal family will gather together on March 29 to celebrate the late Duke of Edinburgh's memorial service. It will be an opportunity for some friends and dignitaries to celebrate Prince Philip's lifetime of service. However, there are fears that the Queen might skip the event because she couldn't endure long walks.

"Now Queen could miss Prince Philip's memorial service: Her Majesty, 95, is struggling with mobility but rules out using a wheelchair despite pulling out of Commonwealth Service," royal biographer Robert Jobson, tweeted, citing a report from Daily Mail.

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However, Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, believed that the monarch would be "determined" to e present at Prince Philip's memorial service. For Seward, the Queen is conserving her energy and choosing her engagements well.

“It would have been a huge wrench to miss the Commonwealth Day service, but she is facing a dilemma these days where she must choose her engagements wisely," she said per Daily Record.

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"She will be very determined to make the Duke of Edinburgh’s Thanksgiving service later this month, which will be of incredible importance to her considering his funeral was so scaled back. Her Majesty, I believe, is very like her mother, who was reluctant to use a wheelchair, so in her advancing years, it’s about projecting herself as much as possible for the big occasions."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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