Queen Elizabeth Shock: Prince Charles' Mother Not Bullied To Choosing Prince Andrew As Her Escort, Choosing Duke Of York Is Not A Request

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Queen Elizabeth II received an intense backlash for choosing her favorite son, Prince Andrew, as her escort to Prince Philip's memorial service. However, according to royal biographer Robert Jobson, the monarch doesn't deserve the hate.

Queen Elizabeth Was Not Bullied Into Taking Prince Andrew As Her Escort

The 95-year-old British monarch with mobility issues arrived at Westminster Abbey for her late husband's special memorial service with a controversial company — she was escorted by the disgraced royal, Prince Philip. The sight raised eyebrows because the Queen entered the chapel holding Prince Andrew in one hand and with a walking stick in the other to assist her in walking to her seat.


The sight put the Duke of York front and center. Many were disappointed because just six weeks earlier, he settled a sexual assault lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre. Several felt that his presence was an insult to those who were victims of sexual assault because, for them, the Queen was endorsing her son.

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Meanwhile, Rebecca English, a royal editor for Daily Mail, claimed that Prince Andrew demanded to take center stage at his father's funeral, leaving Prince William and Prince Charles dismayed. There were even rumors suggesting that the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge thought the Duke of York is only using the Queen to rebuild his reputation.

Royal biographer Robert Jobson came to the Queen's defense. For him, the royal doesn't deserve the scrutiny.

"The Queen made her decision for her own reasons. She was not bullied into [it] by Andrew," Jobson tweeted Thursday. "She asked him to accompany her, and if the Queen asks you to do something, it is not a request."

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For Jobson, the Queen wanting to be with Prince Andrew as her escort is not simply a request but an order. While she has other children, she has been consistent in telling those around her that she has four and she wants all of them to be welcomed equally.


In addition, the Prince Philip's Century author pointed out the reason the Queen chose Prince Andrew — he is the only royal without a partner. Plus, Prince Philip is his father and he has the right to be there.

"A settlement has been paid, but he's guilty of nothing in the eyes of the law," the royal expert added. "She has faith in Andrew. Even if he disappears from public life, he's been able to pay tribute to his father, who after all, was very proud of his service in the Royal Navy, where he fought in the Falkland Islands conflict."

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Queen Elizabeth II's Decision To Be With Prince Andrew At Prince Philip's Memorial Service Received Mixed Responses

Jobson acknowledged that the decision caused a stir among the senior members of the royal family, but they couldn't say "no" to the monarch. Meanwhile, the netizens have mixed opinions, with some disapproving of the Queen's decision and others supporting her choice.

"And she’s reaping the reward of her decision. If she wants to do her own thing, then perhaps she should become a private citizen, at least step down as head of the church," one critic commented suggesting the Queen deserves the backlash.

"She is losing her marbles!" another online user wrote.


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"Not keen to say this but Caribbean royal trip days ago, Prince Andrew escorting Queen Elizabeth to and from her husband's memorial service means game over. We can't afford this government or the Royal family. Not a good look," a third netizen added.

Meanwhile, many still support the Queen. For them, Prince Andrew is still her son and it was a family event. The Duke of York is also mourning his father. The monarch is free to choose whom she wants among her four children to be her escort.

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"I think he was the only one of the four without a partner. He's also 10 years younger than HRH The Prince of Wales, HRH The Earl of Wessex was with his family and HRH The Princess Royal is also older. The Duke of York could at least support Her Majesty if she stumbled," one netizen wrote.

"Thank you, Robert. Despite issues we have with Andrew he is, at the end of the day, a son. This wasn't anything more than that - a mother needing her son and him celebrating his father's life. Should he be brought back into the public fold - then it's time to question," another added.

"Ultimately it’s a Mother and Son paying tribute to their lost husband and father. Maybe the haters need to let that sink in!" a third one commented.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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