Queen Elizabeth Shock: Prince Charles Irritated Monarch For Allegedly Going Against Prince Andrew's Attendance At Prince Philip's Memorial

Credit: ABC News (Australia)/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC News (Australia)/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles allegedly had a conflict before Prince Philip's memorial service. The Prince of Wales allegedly did not want his controversial brother to join the family event, but the monarch even made the Duke of York her consort.

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Charles Argued Over Prince Andrew's Attendance

Prince Charles will take over the throne after the Queen and is probably eager to keep the royal family's reputation intact. So, the Prince of Wales allegedly "disagreed" with his mother when the 95-year-old monarch decided to have Prince Andrew as her escort.

An unnamed source told Us Weekly that the heir apparent was "against" his younger brother joining the rest of the family at the memorial service for their dad, Prince Philip. However, the Queen insisted that the Duke of York be there, and she wasn't pleased with her eldest son's suggestion.

"Elizabeth is irritated with Prince Charles for giving his opinion where it’s not wanted," the source said before adding that the Queen doesn't need the future king "directing her on how to handle" the scandal.

There were reports that Prince Andrew's attendance sparked conflict between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, and Prince William. The Duke of Cambridge allegedly shared his father's sentiment and was against his uncle escorting his grandmother to the event because it would put him front and center in the gathering.

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Why Queen Elizabeth Wanted Prince Andrew As Her Escort

The Queen has mobility issues which sparked some concern if she would attend her husband's memorial service. The Queen did with a walking stick in one hand and Prince Andrew assisting her.

There were rumors that the Duke of York insisted on being the Queen's escort to redeem his reputation and return to the royal folds. He allegedly believed that being seen with his mother will be a sign of endorsement.

However, royal commentator and biographer Robert Jobson denied the allegations. According to him, the Queen insisted to have Prince Andrew because he is the only one among her children without a partner.

"The Queen made her decision for her own reasons. She was not bullied into [it] by Andrew," Jobson tweeted after the Queen received an intense backlash for having Prince Andrew as her escort. "She asked him to accompany her, and if the Queen asks you to do something, it is not a request. The vitriol against Her Majesty is awful. I am not backing Andrew, but it was the Queen’s call."

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Why Prince Charles And Prince William Against Prince Andrew's Attendance At The Event

The senior members of the royal family, including Prince Charles and Prince William, were against Prince Andrew having the center stage due to the controversies plaguing him. A few weeks before the memorial service, Prince Andrew settled a sexual assault lawsuit filed against him by Virginia Giuffre.

There are also rumors that the father and son allegedly felt the Duke of York was only using the Queen to whitewash himself following his scandals. However, in the end, they followed the Queen's decision because she is still the head of the family.

According to royal biographer Katie Nicholl, the Queen was sending a double message with her public sighting with her second son — first, that she is still the one who makes decisions in the family, and second that she believes her son is innocent.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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