Queen Elizabeth Shock: Monarch Grins While Carrying A Walking Stick In First Engagement After Pulling Out From Commonwealth Day Service Amid Health Scare

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Queen Elizabeth sparked health concerns after canceling numerous engagements in the past week. However, the British monarch was beaming at her first public appearance at Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth Reappears With Walking Stick After Pulling Out From Commonwealth Day Service

Her Majesty sparked health concerns for canceling various engagements in the past weeks, especially when she decided to cancel her attendance at the Commonwealth Day service. However, the 95-year-old monarch seemingly brushed off the various speculations about her health when she made her first face-to-face engagement on Wednesday.


Queen Elizabeth II was smiling and she looked graceful when she arrived in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle to view artifacts from luxury good company Halcyon Days. She was beaming in her white floral dress even if she was carrying a walking stick.

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The British monarch has her handbag in one hand and is accessorized with a three-strand pearl necklace. She was also wearing a brooch in the shape of a basket of flowers, the same piece she wore for her first official photograph with her son, Prince Charles in 1948, Town & Country reported.

According to Express, Queen Elizabeth II was supposed to visit the Halcyon Days factory in Staffordshire in 2020 to mark its own Platinum Jubilee. However, the plans were put on hold when the pandemic struck.

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Will Queen Elizabeth Attend Prince Philip's Thanksgiving Memorial Service?

When the Queen pulled out her attendance at the Commonwealth Day service, several royal fans and experts wondered if she would attend her husband's memorial service. Some believed that she would, others doubted due to her health condition.


Her Majesty couldn't reportedly stand for long hours and didn't want to be photographed in a wheelchair. However, she is determined to attend the special event for the late Duke of Edinburgh.

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Buckingham Palace is allegedly planning a military-style op to get her to the memorial service. They were still weighing whether she should arrive before the audience rather than last, as is the tradition.

"Everything is being looked at to make sure the Queen makes it to Philip’s service. But the most important thing is to make sure she is comfortable," a source told The Sun. "She must be there, and the best and most capable minds are hard at work doing their very best to make it work."

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Royal biographer Penny Junor also told the outlet that the Queen would be there. She believed that they would do everything so that she would make it in the event.

"Clearly she would like to be there but, on the other hand, she spent a lifetime with him. This is more a public ceremony for other people and not specifically for her," Junor said. "If she doesn’t make it, then it is not the end of the world. But I would imagine they will move Heaven and Earth to try to get her there."


Stay tuned for more news and updates about Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip's memorial service, and the other members of the royal family.

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