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Can't Wait For VALORANT Mobile? Here's Project M, A New Game Accused of Being a Rip-Off

NetEase recently announced a new mobile game called Project M and fans have noticed the resemblance to Riot Games' VALORANT, as the trailer reveals that the characters, gameplay, sounds, and visuals look similar.

Project M NetEase Valorant
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Credit: NetEase

When Riot launched VALORANT last year, the tactical shooter that combines elements of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch quickly became a hit, topping the Twitch viewership charts while its player base and esports scene continue to grow globally.

Just like VALORANT, Project M is also a 5v5 tactical shooter where the objective of the attacking team is to plant the bomb (or Spike) in one of the bomb sites, and the defending team must prevent their enemies from planting the bomb, or they must defuse it when planted.

As you can see in the Project M trailer above, you can see the striking similarities of character abilities such as Sage's ice wall, Brim's smokes, and Sova's drone and bow/arrows. There's even a character that looks like Omen.

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VALORANT fans will also notice the signature skull visuals when a player scores a kill, and the sound effect in the end is also similar to the sound we've heard from VALORANT trailers.

Fans were quick to comment about the similarities in Project M. "They didn't even try to change it. They just straight up rip off Valorant. Same ability, same gun concept, same kill vfx," Karlsson Chee said.

The environments in the trailer also look similar to the maps in VALORANT, especially Haven. The weapons also look similar, but the bomb looks larger than the Spike in Riot's FPS.

According to the description of the trailer on YouTube, the beta test for Project M will begin on August 4 for Android users only.

If you're looking for a great tactical shooter for mobile, worry not! Last June, Riot has already confirmed plans to make a mobile version of VALORANT, but no offiical release date has been announced yet.

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