Princess Eugenie Shock: Prince Harry's Cousin Cropped Kate Middleton In Platinum Jubilee Photo? Twitter Debate After Prince Andrew's Daughter's Instagram Post

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Princess Eugenie honored her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, on social media. However, her post raised eyebrows after eagle-eyed royal fans noticed that Kate Middleton was seemingly removed in one shot.

Princess Eugenie Sparks Controversy Over Instagram Post

One of Prince Andrew's daughters sparked controversy for allegedly cropping Kate Middleton out from a Platinum Jubilee photo, Daily Star reported. She shared a series of pictures on Instagram to pay tribute to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who celebrated her 70 years on the throne last week.


However, the second shot was seemingly edited, and Kate Middleton and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were both cut out. Several royal fans immediately speculated, with some even attacking the Princess of York.

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According to the outlet, the photo editing was seen as Princess Eugenie "clearly making a statement for & behalf of Harry & Meghan."

"Lovely photos but why would you cut out the next two Queens, Camilla and Catherine? Very petty my dear," Amanda Richardson commented.

"Harry is really close with Eugenie and Beatrice’s mother, Sarah Ferguson. They’re part of the ‘Red Setter Mob’ (Royal Family nickname) because of their red hair," another netizen replied.

"It’s the obvious cropping game for me. She left enough sleeves on both sides so you are left with no doubt," Dr. Zanye Omolewa opined.

"I've seen videos that indicate Eugenie’s true feelings about Kate, but this is priceless! Mega shade!" another wrote.

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Princess Eugenie Probably Didn't Mean To Shade Kate Middleton

However, some also defended Princess Eugenie. Many netizens noticed that there were cases when Instagram cropped photos on its own.

"They weren't cropped. If you post one pic individually on Instagram, you can usually get [the] full size, but when you post multiple pics, it shrinks them and you can't get full view. I don't know why it happens, but I don't believe there was any malice intended here," one user explained.

"Sometimes Instagram crops the picture on its own for the ratio. I would give her the benefit of the doubt here," another added.

"If you share her post as a DM on IG, the full wider picture is sent. Try it, you'll see!" another user suggested.

"You do realise this is an Instagram thing not an issue with future queens, it’s always cropping pics," another added pointing out that it was the platform's default action.

Stay tuned for more news and update about the royal family.

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