Princess Diana Heartbreak: Princess Of Wales Thought Prince Harry Would Be Prince William’s Wingman? Late Royal Would Reportedly Be Mortified By Her Sons’ Feud

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Princess Diana raised her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, as equals even though she knew that their fates are very different.

Previous reports revealed that Princess Diana made sure to give Prince Harry extra love and attention for fear that he would grow up thinking that he was the spare. Unfortunately, Princess Diana died when Prince William and Prince Harry were still very young. So, she was unable to see them grow up and have a family.

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Princess Diana Would Be Heartbroken To Know That Prince William, Prince Harry Have Fallen Out

According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Princess Diana would be mortified to know that Prince William and Prince Harry fell out. After all, she always wanted her sons to support each other.

“There is no question about it, she'd be mortified that William and Harry have got themselves into this emotional tangle. She always said to me on numerous occasions that Harry was William's wingman, that he was the second boy born into the Royal Family. She even looked at the past and pointed out that most members of the Royal Family just have a girl and a boy like Princess Margaret or two girls like Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. She really felt that Harry was there to support William in a very lonely job. She would find it very difficult that they are not communicating, at least not in public,” Morton said (via Express).

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Prince Harry Shares Similarities With Princess Diana

According to Morton, Prince Harry grew up to be more like Princess Diana. After all, he and his wife, Meghan Markle, have natural charisma when interacting with other people.


“Prince Harry was and is a natural, he and his wife have got charisma and there is no denying that. People do respond to them in a very positive way when they meet them. There is obviously a lot of negativity surrounding their behavior and their policies but Harry has always been someone who connects. And when I see Harry kneeling down with his arm around some kid, I am just watching Diana. It transports you back 25, 30 years,” he said.

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Princess Diana More Similar To Kate Middleton Than Meghan Markle

However, Morton also said that she thinks Kate Middleton is more similar to Princess Diana compared to the latter’s other daughter-in-law, Markle.


“I realized after watching the Royal Family for all these years that it takes a long, long time to really understand what it is like to be royal. Catherine Middleton has spent ten, twelve years coming to terms with it. So did Sophie Rhys-Jones [The Countess of Wessex ] and she's got a much lower profile - or did. It just takes a long time to absorb yourself into it. Catherine was quite a shy person, so making speeches and being in public was something of an ordeal but I think she's overcome that. She reminds me so much of Diana. She struggled for a few years to come to terms with what it is like to be a princess,” he said.

Last year, royal historian Robert Lacey said that Prince William and Prince Harry should reconcile in honor of the Princess of Wales. Unfortunately, several months have passed, and the brothers still haven’t mended their rift.

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