Princess Anne Shock: Queen Elizabeth's Only Daughter Close To Prince Charles' Wife Camilla, Sisters-In-Law Have 'Mature And Affectionate Relationship', Body Language Expert Judi James Claims

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Princess Anne and Camilla Parker Bowles share a tight friendship. Queen Elizabeth II's only daughter is known for her strong personality, but she's good friends with Prince Charles' second wife, a report says.

Princess Anne And Camilla Parker Bowles' Friendship Noticeable During Prince Philip's Memorial Service

Prince Charles' sister, Princess Anne, and wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, were seated beside each other during Prince Philip's memorial service in Westminster Abbey last month. The pair have known each other for decades and they seem to be the best of friends.


Body language Judi James examined the two female royals' gestures during the family event a few weeks ago. According to the expert, Queen Elizabeth's only daughter and daughter-in-law seem to enjoy each other's company.

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"These two women share a love of horses and, famously, a taste in men, with the result being that they appear to have become quite close friends over the years," James told Express. "They are sending out body language signals of a rather mature and affectionate relationship when they appear together in public. Their signals go beyond what would be required to be polite, with some continuation or prolonging signals suggesting they would like to be able to spend more time together, rather than just performing the cursory greeting rituals."

Aside from the way they greet each other, James pointed out how relaxed Camilla was when she was with Princess Anne. According to the expert, Camilla found a protector in the person of the Princess Royal.

"Camilla rarely looks totally relaxed in public but her body language with Anne at the recent memorial service did seem to show her at her confident best, suggesting she feels Anne is something of a supporter and protector," James explained.

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Princess Anne And Camilla Parker Bowles' Body Languages Have Always Suggested Friendship


The expert also noted how Princess Anne seemed to be leading the chat with Camilla and how she gazed and smiled at her as if she wanted them to do a quick catching up. When asked whether the two royals were particularly close, the expert gave an affirmative response.

"Even before this, their greeting and chatting rituals have suggested friendship," James said. "There have been some mirrored poses and even outfits."

She noted a time when Princess Anne bent quite low to kiss Camilla's cheek while holding her hand with a palm pointing up to Camilla's wrist and hand to prolong their touch. She also noticed that Camilla has looked more relaxed, probably because of the Queen's confirmation that she will be Queen in the future.

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James believed that Camilla and Princess Anne have a lot of things in common, which may have contributed to their friendship.

"These two women share history with Anne once rumoured to be in a relationship with Camilla’s husband, making the whole Charles/Camilla/Anne/Andrew Parker-Bowles dynamic rather racy and the relationships between each of the four people involved a possible minefield," James said. "Anne is still very strong friends with Andrew though, while Camilla famously married her Prince. As a result, we have two women with a lot in common but also a pile of potential in terms of resentment and rifts."

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