Prince William Shock: Prince Harry’s Brother Allegedly Forced To Reconcile With Him? Queen Elizabeth Urged Future King To Not Cause More Problems

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Prince William’s life has never been easy. After all, he learned very early on that he would one day become the king of Britain. All his life, so much is expected of Prince William, especially since his future role is very important.

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Queen Elizabeth Instructed Prince William To Reach Out To Prince Harry

In Touch Weekly, in its Feb. 7 issue, claimed that Prince William even has the impossible task of reconciling with Prince Harry. Queen Elizabeth allegedly asked the second in line to the throne to be the first one to reach out to his younger brother.

“She explained to William that it’s his job to create solutions, not problems. She ordered him to swallow his pride, pick up the phone, and personally invite Harry to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Apparently, William did as he was told and called Harry. William invited him to come for the Jubilee, and they decided to work through their issues,” an unnamed source said.


Prince Harry Will Attend The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Because Of Prince William, His Grandmother

Initially, Prince Harry refused to set foot in the United Kingdom because of his issues with British security. So, even the queen was allegedly surprised when he agreed to attend the Platinum Jubilee after Prince William convinced him to do so.

“He’s touched that his brother is actually trying and, to William’s credit, that he was being sincere. He genuinely wants Harry to return home for the Jubilee. It’s also in William’s nature to put his grandmother’s happiness before his own. He knows she has health issues. William didn’t even mention on the call that the queen suggested he reach out to Harry because once they started talking, it felt organic,” the unnamed source explained.


Meghan Markle Won’t Join Prince William, Prince Harry At The Platinum Jubilee

However, the unnamed source claimed that it’s unlikely for Meghan Markle to join Prince Harry on his trip to the United Kingdom. After all, even just the thought of traveling to the country is so traumatizing for the Duchess of Sussex.


“Going back to London triggers memories of living at Kensington Palace when she was struggling and suicidal while pregnant with Archie,” the unnamed source claimed.

But at the end of the day, all eyes will be on Prince William and Prince Harry. Other than the queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the royal family is also, allegedly, rooting for the brothers’ reconciliation.

“Harry and William are finally making an effort to get along and put their differences aside. Now the queen can relax and enjoy her Jubilee celebration. After 70 years of dedication and service, she deserves it,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Prince William, Prince Harry’s Relationship Revisited

Last year, a source told Us Weekly that Prince William and Prince Harry agreed to turn a page in their relationship. After years of feuding with each other, the siblings allegedly decided that it was time to patch things up when they reunited for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.


“William and Harry spent the morning before the statue unveiling looking through old keepsakes, notes from Diana, and bonding. They have absolutely turned a new page in their relationship and have started the healing. Everyone around them was thrilled to see how close they were on the day of the statue unveiling,” a source said.

But just a few months later, Page Six reported that Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship remains poor.

Royal author Robert Lacey described the brothers’ relationship in his book Battle of Brothers: William, Harry, and the Inside Story of a Family in Turmoil. He said that Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship remains poor.

“I’ve spoken to two people from that party and it was quite clear from things he said that his anger towards Harry remains. He remains unhappy about what his brother has done. There is no immediate possibility of any reconciliation. I mean, it’s not wanted on either side. Too many bitter things have been said,” Lacey said.

The back and forth between sources prove that no one really knows the real score between Prince William and Prince Harry. And there’s also no proof that the Duke of Cambridge managed to convince the Duke of Sussex to attend the queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

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