Prince William Shock: Kate Middleton’s Husband Allegedly Worried About King Charles’ Deteriorating Health, Wants Prince Harry to Stop Attacking Their Stressed Father

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Prince Harry have not repaired their broken relationship. Even though the Duke of Sussex has been clear about wanting his brother back in his life, Prince William has not shown the same desire amid fears that Prince Harry could just rat him out again.

With no signs of reconciliation in place, Radar Online is alleging that there are more issues between Prince William and Prince Harry. And it allegedly has something to do with their father, King Charles.

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Prince William Worried About King Charles’ Health?

A source told the publication that King Charles is no longer as healthy as he once was. He allegedly is overweight, has high blood pressure, and is dealing with so much stress caused by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So, Prince William couldn’t help but be worried about him.

In recent years, King Charles has also been photographed with his swollen hands and feet. And even though no official diagnosis has been released, there are whispers that he could be suffering from edema.

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Prince William Wants Prince Harry To Stop Attacking King Charles Amid Monarch’s Deteriorating Health?

According to the source, the last thing that Prince William wants is for his father’s health to deteriorate even further because of his younger brother. And if this happens, there will be blood on Prince Harry and Markle’s hands.

“William is keeping a vigilant eye on King Charles. His health is an ongoing conversation behind palace doors. William just cannot fathom how heartless and selfish Harry continues to behave when he must know their father isn’t in the best of health,” the source said.

According to the publication, Prince William no longer thinks that Prince Harry is still being manipulated by Markle because he now understands that the crisis is the Duke of Sussex’s doing because of revenge and money.

But at the end of the day, Prince William allegedly wants to remind Prince Harry that if he wants to hurt the royal family, he should target him instead of King Charles.

“If the unthinkable happened to King Charles, William believes Harry and Meghan would have blood on their hands. They need to stop their attacks before tragedy ensues,” the source said.

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Kate Middleton, Royal Family Want Prince William And Prince Harry To Reconcile?

Despite everything that has happened, the royal family allegedly is still pushing for reconciliation with Prince Harry and Markle. After all, King Charles’ coronation is happening in four months.

“Harry and Meghan expect to be invited, but it would be very bad for Charles if things weren’t resolved by then. There’s still time for that serious discussion between William and Harry. It should be just the two of them. It won’t be pleasant, but it needs to be done because William will never forgive Harry if something happens to Charles,” the source said.

And one particular member of the royal family allegedly still has positive things to remember about Prince Harry - Kate Middleton.

“Kate remembers better days between William and Harry when they were happy to all hang out together. She clings to that memory and continues to try and act as peacemaker, despite the fact that Harry painted her as a snob who wasn’t very helpful or sympathetic to Meghan in his book,” the source said.

Prince William also happens to be one of the main subjects of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare. In its pages, the Duke of Sussex detailed the many arguments that he had with his brother after he and Markle started dating.

Prince Harry also confirmed that there has always been some sort of sibling rivalry between the two of them while they were growing up, according to USA Today.

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