Prince William Shock: Duke Of Cambridge Plans To Follow In Prince Philip’s Footsteps? Kate Middleton’s Husband Could Reportedly Focus On 5 To 6 Core Projects

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Prince William is second in line to the throne. All his life, he has been preparing for the day that he would finally be crowned as king. However, the road ahead hasn’t always been easy for the dad of three. But when the time comes, Prince William could reshape and slim down the monarchy in his own way.

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Prince William Could Focus On A Limited Number Of Charities

During a recent interview, former royal correspondent Charles Rae said that Prince William could follow in Prince Philip’s footsteps when he ascends the throne. And just like the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince William will only focus on five or six core projects as opposed to the over a handful that he has been tending to throughout the past couple of years.


“It seems like he and Catherine want to concentrate on five or six core charity projects, which was what Prince Philip did, rather than the myriad of charities that the Prince of Wales is involved in. That doesn't mean that he's going to ignore all these other charities, it just means he's going to concentrate on some of them. This is going to look as if it's a rift between father and son but it isn't really, it's just a reshaping of the role. Rae said (via Express).

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Prince William Won’t Follow In Prince Charles’ Footsteps

The former royal correspondent added that Prince William's decision to focus on just five or six core charities shouldn’t come as a surprise to the public. After all, the Duke of Cambridge is a modern guy and he will one day become Prince of Wales.


According to Rae, Prince William might not focus on The Prince’s Trust just like Prince Charles has been doing.

“He may not concentrate so much on the Prince's Trust but he will concentrate more on his foundation that he started with Prince Harry which in effect does the same sort of job. It's there to help people, give them a leg up in life so that, you know, perform well in society,” he said.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Feel Remorseful Following Controversial Royal Tour

Meanwhile, Prince William also made headlines recently following his and Kate Middleton’s controversial tour of the Caribbean. The royal couple was accused of being tone-deaf, which formed the dad of three to release a statement to the public.


Now, a source told Us Weekly that Prince William and Middleton are feeling remorseful following their trip to Jamaica.

“The Cambridges are overwhelmed with remorse; they can't change what has happened in the past so they are focusing on the future by working closely with former colonies and members of the Commonwealth to strengthen their relationship that will go further than the tour. Obviously, William and Kate want the former colonies to remain part of the Commonwealth but will support whatever decision they make, including becoming independent. Regardless of the outcome, we'll be seeing William and Kate take on additional overseas humanitarian work including the Caribbean Islands,” the source said.

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