Prince William Marriage: Royal Always Looking Out For Kate Middleton; Couple’s Relationship Reportedly Still Going Strong

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Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for 11 years, but their love and affection for one another has not changed. Even though there were previous rumors that the Duke of Cambridge cheated on his wife with Rose Hanbury, the royal couple still proved that their relationship is stronger than all kinds of dubious claims.

Following their post-Commonwealth Day outing, journalist Daniela Elser analyzed Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship and said that it’s still going “gangbusters.”

At the time, Middleton was busy chatting with a young child when the rain started to pour. Prince William was also talking to someone else but when he realized that it was raining, he immediately approached his royal aide and got the umbrella. He then walked toward his wife and place the umbrella over Middleton’s head.

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Prince William Still Protective, Affectionate Towards Kate Middleton

After seeing Prince William’s sweet gesture, Elser said that Prince William and Middleton’s marriage is still, certainly, going strong.


“This is all clearly touching proof that their union is still going gangbusters after more than a decade, three children, three house moves, two dogs and that time Kate flirted with a fringe. But what is far more fascinating is what this moment perfectly reveals in only three seconds: That William instinctively understands that Kate is the secret to his future regal success,” she wrote for NZ Herald.

Elser isn’t the only person to ever comment on Prince William and Middleton’s body language and interactions in public.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Body Language Analyzed

In November, body language expert Judi James also talked about Prince William and Middleton’s interactions in public. While speaking with Express, James said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge know exactly how they should act in public.


“Kate and William's body language in public has been on rather slow simmer since their marriage, but recently there does seem to have been a subtle peak in their signals of power and confidence, both as a couple and as individual,” she said.

James added that unlike the other royal couples namely, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, as well as Prince Harry and Markle, the Cambridges have not shown any drama when they are out in public.

“Kate was never thrown free-fall into the spotlight by a rather cautious William and for years their body language has epitomized ‘good bland,’ i.e. perfect enough to make them ideal ambassadors for the Firm, but not dramatic or telling enough to provide the kind of soap opera narrative that Charles and Diana provided, and which sparked the feeding frenzy that was claimed by Harry and Meghan to have become unbearable,” she explained.

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Kate Middleton Always Looks Happy When She’s With Prince William

Earlier this month, Prince William and Middleton made headlines following their Wales visit.


While speaking with Marie Claire, body language expert Darren Stanton said that Middleton always looks extra happy when she’s with her husband.

Whether she’s carrying out royal engagements alone or with William in tow, it’s fair to say Kate is equally confident, as we’ve seen following her recent trip to Copenhagen. However, she appears to display an extra level of happiness when she and William are stepping out together,” he said.

Stanton also said that Prince William and Middleton do not always need to be too attached to the hip to convince royal fans how they love each other. In fact, even when there’s some distance between them, this is still very obvious.

“What’s really interesting about William and Kate is that while at times we see them being affectionate with one another while out in public—like holding hands or linked arms—they are equally as comfortable keeping their distance and refraining from tactile displays,” he said.

At some point, Prince William and Middleton also tend to mirror each other, which is another sign that they are very confident and comfortable around each other.

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