Prince William, Kate Middleton Shock: Cambridge Pair’s Controversial Caribbean Tour Reportedly Cost Taxpayers More As Compared To Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth Foreign Visits

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Prince William and Kate Middleton kicked off their Caribbean tour on March 19. They began their week-long visit in Belize, followed by a trip to Jamaica and then the Bahamas.

The trip was scheduled to kick off the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. But according to reports, some people were convinced that the Cambridges visited the three countries to try and persuade the officials to keep the Queen as their head of state.

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British Taxpayers Spent The Most Money On Prince William, Kate Middleton’s Caribbean Tour

According to TIME magazine, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit to Jamaica on March 22 was also very timely. After all, the country has already started the transition from an island nation to a republic.

But it was the protests on the same day that made headlines. Some Jamaican educators and locals urged Prince William and Middleton to issue an apology for subjecting the island to colonial rule and slavery. However, the couple didn’t immediately apologize. Instead, the Duke of Cambridge expressed profound sorry for what happened years ago.


Despite the controversy surrounding Prince William and Middleton’s royal tour, it has now been revealed that it was the most expensive trip among all the recent ones that the royal family undertook.

According to People, British taxpayers paid $275,000 for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Caribbean tour. Lagging closely behind is Prince Charles’ trip to Barbados in November, which cost taxpayers $168,000.

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Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth’s Separate Overseas Trips Cost British Taxpayers Less Money

Prince Charles attended Barbados’ transition ceremony after the country removed the Queen as their head of state. Barbados also inaugurated the country’s first president late last year.


The Queen also, reportedly cost taxpayers $38,400 when she used the Royal Train to visit Cornwall for the G7 political leaders' summit last June.

Additionally, the palace report confirmed that the royal family undertook more trips and tours during the past fiscal year compared to the previous one following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Royal Family Continues Plight To Cut Carbon Emissions

But embarking on royal tours via a private plane is also a controversial matter in itself. After all, there’s a conflict between the royal family’s desire to cut carbon emissions and their environmental work.


“Travel is an important part of members of the Royal Family, whether it's visiting communities or overseas travel at the requests of government. It is part of the core role of members of the Royal Family. We will take advantage of some of the things we have learned during the pandemic like virtual engagements, but there isn't any substitute for the physical engagements,” an insider said.

However, the royal family has also been exerting efforts here and there to address the matter. They are now using biofuel on the Royal Train.

Prince Charles, who is an outspoken advocate for the planet, has also been offsetting travel emissions.

“There is a conflict between being an environmental champion with the official travel. That is tricky but this is the way he is trying to reconcile it,” the source said.

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