Prince Harry, William Shock: Duchess Camilla Serves As Mediator Between Princess Diana's Sons, Prince Charles

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Prince Harry and Prince William welcomed another woman in their lives after their parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana, separated. According to reports, they had a hard time accepting Duchess Camilla into their lives. But she plays a major role in their lives.

Prince Harry, Prince William's Go-Between With Prince Charles Is Duchess Camilla

The List unearthed some claims made by royal expert Judy Wade this week, according to Express. The outlet noted that the Duchess of Cornwall served as mediator between her husband, Prince Charles and step-sons Prince William and Prince Harry.


"It's worth noting Camilla apparently never tried to take Diana's place," The List reported. "Funnily enough, nowadays, she acts as a 'buffer' between the boys and their father."

Wade said in a 2007 documentary that Princess Diana's sons would go to their stepmother, Duchess Camilla, when they wanted something that Prince Charles would not necessarily approve of.

Wade added that Camilla ever interfered with Prince Charles' parenting. She has her own children, too and she trusts the Prince of Wales' judgment when raising the two princes.

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Princ Harry And Prince William's Relationship With Duchess Camilla

Princess Diana was a hands-on mom to Prince William and Prince Harry. So, the two were very close to their mother growing up. Thus, it wasn't easy for them to accept Duchess Camilla when their parents separated.

In fact, their relationship with Camilla was turbulent following Princess Diana's death. The Duke of Cambridge also allegedly fought with Camilla's daughter about their broken families.


"In particular, William and his stepsister Laura Parker Bowles reportedly got into fights over who was to blame for their broken homes," the outlet reported. "Likewise, William allegedly blamed Camilla for all the pain his mother went through in the final years of her life."

Biographer Penn Junor also shared Prince William and Prince Harry's complicated relationship with Camilla in her book, The Duchess: The Untold Story.

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"You want your mum, you don't want her, and she had her own family," Junor wrote.

Relationship expert Neil Wilkie also said Camilla had difficulty building a relationship with Princess Diana's children after she married the Prince of Wales.

"She's not trying to overshadow the memory of their mother and in normal life, it’s a very difficult job being a stepparent," the expert said. "Particularly of a birth parent who died because the birth parent who died is often held out as being the perfect person whose life was cut short, cruelly."

Over the years, Duchess Camilla, Prince William, and Prince Harry tend to enjoy a better relationship. They have been spotted in public events together and they show no sign of any beef. Even Queen Elizabeth II had already accepted and supported Camilla for Prince Charles.

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