Prince Harry Warning: Duke Of Sussex Should Not Dish Dirt On Stepmother Camilla In His Memoir As It Might Backfire, Expert Says

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Prince Harry warned against dishing the dirt on his stepmother, Camilla Parker Bowles, in his upcoming memoir. The Duke of Sussex announced last year that he was working on a book, but a royal expert said, it should not contain any negative things about the Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Harry Warned Against Bringing Explosive Revelations Against Camilla In Upcoming Memoir

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti spoke with Express about Prince Harry's memoir, which will be coming out later this year. For him, it would be best if the Duke of Sussex refrain from dishing the dirt on his stepmother.


"It might dent her reputation, depending on what he says, if there are things in there that people don’t like about how she’s behaved or interacted with the family, I don’t know if that’s the case," Sacerdoti told the outlet.

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"But I think it might also have the opposite effect in that Harry and Meghan are increasingly unpopular in the UK because of their activities and statements," he continued. "I think Harry revealing negative thoughts and opinions about Camilla may well actually help the British public accept her and like her because their public approval is dropping as time goes on, and hers is increasing."

He believed that if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would discredit Camilla it "may have a negative effect on their intentions and a positive effect on her among the British public."

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Prince Harry Probably 'Angry' At Camilla For Taking Away Princess Diana's Title

Meanwhile, Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's former butler, believed that the Duke of Sussex will be "angry" at Camilla for taking the title which supposedly belonged to his late mother. In February, the Queen announced in a statement released a day before her 70th Ascension Day that Camilla would be queen consort in the future — when Prince Charles takes over the throne.


"While I don’t think he has disdain for Camilla as a person, I think it’ll rile him and he’ll feel betrayed that she’ll now be Queen when that should have been his mother. He’ll be livid," Burrell told Closer magazine.

Prince William was reportedly supportive of the Queen's decision. However, Prince Harry has remained mum about the announcement. Many believed that his silence spoke volumes about his real thoughts on Camilla's future title.

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The Duke of Sussex broke his silence four days later by promoting his mother Princess Diana's campaign against AIDS and HIV. He also gushed over the late Princess of Wales and said he felt the need to finish her work but knew he couldn't fill her shoes.

Meanwhile, Sacerdoti understood Prince Harry's grievances about Camilla becoming queen consort. However, he believed that his situation is now very different from the Duchess of Cornwall who still serves the monarchy.

"I certainly wouldn’t rule out the idea that Prince Harry may not be totally comfortable with this, especially as he and his wife chose to step out of the Royal Family as working royals, and have had further privileges and titles taken away from them," Sacerdoti explained. "I think he may feel that it’s unjust to see that Camilla’s had the opposite, which is having the honour bestowed upon her by Her Majesty the Queen."

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Sacerdoti noted that unlike Camilla the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to step out from their royal duties even if the Queen decided to give them a year to decide. So, Prince Harry should not feel bad about the favor the Queen gave to Camilla.

"So I think that if there is any air of jealousy or uncomfort that she’s being given an honour and a title that they are losing, then it would be unjust and unfair of them, because it is a different situation and they chose their circumstances completely," he added.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry, Camilla, Meghan Markle and the other members of the royal family.

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