Prince Harry Shock: Duke Of Sussex' Memoir Could Bring More Chaos To Royal Family; Prince William Protective Of Dad Prince Charles

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Prince Harry announced his upcoming memoir earlier this year. However, a royal biographer warned the royal fans that it might include explosive revelations about his family and might bring more chaos.

Prince Harry Is Allegedly Frightening The Royals With His Upcoming Memoir

The Duke of Sussex confirmed that he is working on a memoir that will be released next year. The announcement even raised eyebrows because the release would fall on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration.


Broadcaster Andrew Neil said Meghan Markle's husband could make more "thorny" claims against the royal family in his book, which he believed would be "unnecessary" and "unfortunate."

Royal biographer Christopher Andersen also weighed in on Prince Harry's upcoming tome and said the royals were "quaking in their boots."

"I would imagine they are quaking in their boots, I know they are," he told Newsweek (via Express). "The potential for calamity with the publication of that book is immense."

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Anderson pointed out that the 95-year-old monarch has health issues while Prince Charles plans to streamline the monarchy. Also, the royal family just lost Prince Charles, and they were expecting everyone to be united, but there seems to be a division.

"The Queen, with Philip gone, and the pandemic raging on and her reign coming to a close, inevitably, she needed all hands on deck and everyone in their places on that balcony and instead, you've got chaos," he continued.

"And so I can see more chaos on the horizon and more hurt feelings," he added.

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Prince Harry And Prince William's Relationship Might Be Affected With The Memoir

There are rumors of a beef between Princess Diana and Prince Charles' son. However, their alleged strained relationship might worsen if Prince Harry would criticize their dad in his memoir because his sibling is protective of their dad.

"William is completely loyal to his father," Andersen explained. "Any perceived slight to his father, even from his own brother, is something he inevitably will respond to. I can't imagine that he won't tell his own story at some point."

Anderson also believed that when Prince Charles takes over the throne, he won't make Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's children Archie and baby Lili a prince and princess.


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