Prince Harry Reportedly Shunned, Prince Andrew Booed at King Charles' Coronation, Writer Richard Madeley Says

Credit: 60 Minutes/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 60 Minutes/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry were both present at King Charles' coronation. However, a writer weighed in on who was battered more after the ceremony.

What's Prince Harry, Prince Andrew's Role At The Coronation

Writer Richard Madeley weighed in on what happened to the two controversial princes during the coronation — disgraced Prince Andrew and Prince Harry — in an article published on Express. According to him, it was difficult to know who went home more battered and bruised after they were sidelined.

The King's brother and youngest son were present but seated several rows away from the senior royals. Both had no roles and were not included when the royal family appeared on the balcony.

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However, between the two, Prince Andrew, who is living in the United Kingdom, tends to enjoy the three-day festivity. On Sunday, he was spotted with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson at the coronation concert, where several huge artists took the stage to entertain the audience, including Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, People reported.

On the other hand, Prince Harry only stayed for a few hours. He immediately took a flight home after the coronation ceremony to be reunited with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their kids, Lily and Archie, who also celebrated his 4th birthday on the same day.

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Who Was More Battered Between Prince Harry, Prince Andrew At The Coronation?

According to Madeley, Prince Andrew got booed, while Prince Harry was shunned at the event.

Madeley wrote of Prince Andrew:

"Andrew got booed. It wasn't reported by broadcast media on the day, probably on the grounds of good taste – why spoil the party? – but nevertheless he was seriously booed as his limo purred down The Mall. Quite a chorus of them, by all accounts."

He admitted that he also almost booed at the Duke of York. Madeley wondered about Prince Andrew's sensitivity.

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He added:

"This man just cannot read the room, can he? Let alone his own family. The King, William and Queen Camilla desperately try to push Andrew permanently into the far background; he determinedly tries to push his way back through a thicket of royal resistance and public contempt. He just doesn't get it. He probably told himself those boos in The Mall were for Harry."

On the other hand, he wrote this for Prince Harry:

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"Meanwhile, Harry wasn't booed on Saturday, but he was in and out of London so fast that blink and you'd have missed him. His arrival at the abbey, though, was revealing. As he walked alone to his seat, the great and the good flanking the aisle studiously ignored him. You could see Harry trying to catch the odd eye: no one wanted to know. He could have been wearing the Cloak of Invisibility."

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Madeley said he was sorry for the Duke of Sussex. However, he was reportedly the living example of "you reap what you sow."

The writer believed that had Prince Harry stuck with his family; the coronation would be one of his happiest days. However, although he was there, he was sad and sidelined, and he hurried to be home in Montecito.

Due to the different treatment Prince Harry and Prince Andrew received, Madeley could not conclude who went home more battered and bruised between the two.

Who do you think had it worse between Prince Andrew and Prince Harry at the coronation?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry and Prince Andrew.

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