Prince Harry Heartbreak: Meghan Markle’s Husband Could Reportedly Regret His Decision To Skip Prince Philip’s Memorial Service

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Prince Philip’s memorial service on Tuesday was a somber event. It was attended by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and other members of the royal family including Princess Anne, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, and more. Prince William and Kate Middleton were also in attendance at Westminster Abbey. And the royal couple also brought their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte to pay tribute to their late great-grandfather.

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Visibly absent from Prince Philip’s memorial were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Duke of Sussex already announced his decision to skip the memorial service earlier this month. He previously said that he won’t return to the United Kingdom because he doesn’t feel safe back home.


Royal Experts Believe Prince Harry Would Regret His Decision To Skip Prince Philip’s Memorial

While speaking with Daily Mail, royal author Phil Dampier said that it’s sad that Prince Harry and Markle won’t attend Prince Philip’s memorial service. But he thinks the Duke of Sussex would regret his decision one day.

“It's very sad that Harry and Meghan won't be at Prince Philip's memorial service and I think one day Harry might regret it. He has said that he doesn't feel safe without Scotland Yard security but to me, that sounds like an excuse not to come back to the UK and indicates to me the rift with his blood family is still bad,” Dampier said.


The royal author also thinks that Prince Harry is still upset with the royal family after all these years.

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“You get the impression he is still very hurt by what has happened between him and his father and brother, and I'm sure they feel the same, but to miss a memorial for his beloved grandfather is tragic. I’m sure the Queen is very upset he's not coming tomorrow but she realizes she can't make Harry alter his mindset at the moment,” he said.

While speaking with (via Express), royal commentator Victoria Arbiter echoed Dampier’s sentiments and said that Prince Harry would live to regret his decision to skip the memorial.

“There's likely to be a strong turnout from extended members of the family, each of whom will be keen to provide the Queen a sense of unity as she publicly mourns her husband once again. Though she's never been one to hold a grudge, surely it would be better for Prince Harry to make his peace now as opposed to living a life filled with potential regret. There are no second chances for occasions such as these,” she said.

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Prince Andrew Steps Out To Attend Prince Philip’s Memorial Service

On Tuesday, the royal family made their public appearance at Prince Philip’s memorial service. According to Sky News, the monarch showed his support for Prince Andrew because the mother and son traveled together to the event. The Duke of York also escorted Queen Elizabeth when they arrived at Westminster Abbey.


After the service, Prince Andrew walked to the queen and escorted her out of the venue.

Royals fans also raved over Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s attendance at their great-grandfather’s memorial. After all, it was the siblings’ first major public church service.

Approximately 1,800 gathered outside Westminster Abbey to catch a glimpse of the royal family. This figure was in stark contrast to the number of people that were allowed to send Prince Philip off following his death last year.

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