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Prince Harry Heartbreak: Meghan Markle's Husband Insulted Royal Family For Ditching Prince Philip's Memorial? Samantha Markle Called Duke's Decision 'Ridiculous' And 'Mind-Boggling'

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Prince Harry shocked everyone when he, alongside Meghan Markle, announced his decision to step back from his senior royal role in January 2020. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to quit royal life as they, initially, wanted to become financially independent from the firm.

However, more than a year since their infamous royal departure, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle claimed the ongoing "racism" inside the palace and the ceaseless attacks of the British media were among the reasons why they made their exit. Earlier this year, the brother of Prince William showed signs of a possible return to the U.K.

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Now, Prince Harry was plagued with criticisms anew after he failed to attend the Service of Remembrance for the late Prince Philip. Keep on reading to know more details.

Prince Harry Insulted The Royal Family For Being A No-Show At Prince Philip's Memorial Service?

Royal commentator Angelina Levin lambasted Prince Harry after he was nowhere to be found at the Service of Remembrance of his late grandfather. The said event, which took place at Westminster Cathedral on Wednesday, saw around 1,800 attendees.

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A representative for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle previously confirmed that the Duke of Sussex would not be able to attend the memorial service for Prince Philip. However, the spokesperson did not give an explanation.

Royal author Omid Scobie wrote in a tweet:

"A spokesperson for the Sussexes confirms that Prince Harry will not be returning to the UK for the Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Prince Philip on March 29. He does, however, hope to visit the Queen as soon as possible."

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Journalist Andrew Pierce criticized Prince Harry for his failure to attend Prince Philip's memorial and even called it "insulting." Writing on Twitter, he stated:

"4 Kings and 3 Queens from European royal families at #PrincePhilip service but no #PrinceHarry. His absence is insulting to the memory of his grandfather."

Royal author Angela Levin retweeted Andrew Pierce's remarks and penned:

"He didn't even bother to find a meaningful excuse."

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However, avid followers of Prince Harry were quick to defend him. Lawyer and women's rights activist Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu said the husband of Meghan Markle has "nothing to regret" in missing the service.

On Twitter, Shola wrote:

"Prince Harry has nothing to regret in missing Prince Philip memorial service. Remembering his grandfather isn’t a public right! He attended the funeral! Stop making up crap about #HarryandMeghan. Be mad at why #RoyalFamily chose Prince Andrew as Queen’s companion today."

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The decision of Prince Harry not to attend Prince Philip's memorial service came amid his security row with the British government. It can be recalled that the better half of Meghan Markle challenged a Home Office decision for not allowing him to hire his own security team when visiting the U.K. even if he offered to foot the bill.

Samantha Markle Slams Prince Harry For Missing Prince Philip's Memorial

Meanwhile, Samantha Markle called Prince Harry "ridiculous" for missing the memorial service of Prince Philip over sa security row. The half-sister of Meghan Markle boldly made the accusation during an interview with The Daily Star.

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Samantha Markle was quoted saying:

“He should have hired more of his own security, they live a lavish lifestyle, they can afford security, it's ridiculous. Security for a weekend of something is not that expensive and I'm pretty sure they have security now. It would be so easy for him to pay for his own security.”

The statements of Meghan Markle's half-sister came after the team of Prince Harry explained how private security would never be able to provide the same degree of protection to that of the U.K. Samantha Markle said it is "mind-boggling" that the Duke of Sussex would put security issues beyond his obligation to the late Prince Philip.

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Samantha Markle furthered:

“Especially now for this memorial and after everything that transpired and Prince Philip seemed to have a rough time in his last days watching the Royal Family being attacked by Meghan and Harry. Maybe Harry feels bad about that but it seems the least he could do would be to show up, pay respect and try to if he and Meghan are humanitarians, to show up humbly and pay respects and show some remorse at a minimum.”

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The sister-in-law of Prince Harry also said:

“Not to mention the fact, Prince Philip was his grandfather but Harry has been in service, Prince Philip served in World War Two, not only to honour him as his grandfather but also a military figure, who is noted for great service is highly disrespectful. To put something as petty as security ahead of the obvious ethical, humane military and royal respect, it doesn't make sense, it's sad.”

Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to comment on the latest statements of Samantha Markle about the duke's absence during Prince Philip's memorial service earlier this week.

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