Prince Charles Shock: Queen Elizabeth’s Son Could Replace Her At The State Opening Of Parliament? Monarch Could Reportedly Skip Important Event

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Prince Charles has been stepping in for Queen Elizabeth for years. But in recent months, it seems that the heir to the throne’s tasks have doubled since the monarch is not getting any younger.

What’s more, the queen recently suffered health issues, that’s why she was forced to skip some important events like the Commonwealth Day service.

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Queen Elizabeth Could Skip The State Opening Of Parliament

Now, there are whispers that the queen could also skip the State Opening of Parliament if she isn’t feeling well on May 10. This is a possibility because the queen was scheduled to attend the Commonwealth Day service, but she decided to cancel her appearance at the last minute.

If the queen decides to skip the State Opening of Parliament on May 10, it’s highly likely for Prince Charles to take over her place. This would also mean that the future king would be the one to give a speech at the important event.


A source told The Times that as of press writing, the queen has all the intention to make it to the State Opening of Parliament.

“The date is in Her Majesty’s diary, and she hopes to attend. The Queen remains fit and active, and it is amazing how much she still does. But her diary is being paced to reflect the realities of a woman of her age, and to ensure that she is able to continue to do as much as she can and would like to do. All events will now be scheduled so that if Her Majesty is unable to attend at short notice, another member of the royal family will still be present,” the source said.

According to Express, this wouldn’t be the queen’s first time skipping the State Opening of Parliament. But, of course, she had valid reasons for doing so. In 1959, she didn’t attend the gathering because she was pregnant with Prince Andrew. And she also skipped the State Opening of Parliament in 1963 because she was pregnant with Prince Edward.

On both occasions, the Lord Chancellor read the monarch’s speech. But now that Prince Charles is already of age, he would be the one to give the monarch’s speech on her behalf.

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Prince Charles Could Read Queen Elizabeth’s Speech

But sources are also convinced that if Prince Charles would be in charge of reading the queen’s speech, the role could be given to Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab.


“There is a convention for the Lord Chancellor to read the Queen’s Speech if the sovereign is indisposed. However, given the constitutional occasion, the Prince of Wales might be a more appropriate choice given the need to maintain the symbolic link between the Crown and Parliament,” a source said.

Throughout the past couple of months, royal fans also noticed how much the queen has changed. She is no longer as healthy as she once looked.

The Sydney Morning Herald also claimed that the queen has become frail in recent months. And even she herself admitted that she could no longer move as she did before.

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Queen Elizabeth Passed On More Duties, Responsibilities To Prince Charles

According to royal biographer Robert Jobson, the queen is still the chairman of the board, but Prince Charles is now the CEO of The Firm. This means that the heir to the throne has taken on more duties and responsibilities even if he hasn’t been crowned. After all, the queen is still the monarch and she vowed to never abdicate.

Another person that the queen trusts with certain royal duties and responsibilities is Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.


“She fully appreciates the Crown is in transition, and it is right to learn more and more about her son, Charles, and grandson, William, as well as about the wider family. The Prince of Wales is now widely respected as a dignified royal patriarch. He is an unselfconscious, accomplished and respected global figure who has emerged from the long shadow of his father,” Jobson said.

The royal biographer also revealed that Prince Charles tries to have dinner with the queen every time his schedule permits. And this is when they talk about important matters.

“The Queen... wants Charles to be kept up to speed with all confidential state matters so that the transition is as smooth as possible should anything happen to her,” he said.

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