Prince Charles, Prince William Shock: Prince Of Wales And Duke Of Cambridge 'Dismayed' Queen Elizabeth Chose Prince Andrew To Be Her Escort At Prince Philip's Memorial Service

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Prince Charles and Prince William were allegedly not on board with the idea of Prince Andrew escorting Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey during Prince Philip's memorial service. Both heirs were reportedly dismayed, especially that the move received an intense backlash from the public.

Prince Charles And Prince William Both Dismayed At Queen Elizabeth Choosing Prince Andrew As Her Escort

The Duke of York reportedly insisted on accompanying the Queen from Windsor Castle to Westminster Abbey. Sources told Daily Mail that the senior royals "reluctantly" agreed because the mother and son live so close to each other.


However, they reportedly hoped that "common sense" would prevail and Prince Andrew would not seek a prominent role at the event.

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Prince Andrew allegedly wanted to be the Queen's escort because it would put him front and center at the gathering. Also, being seen with his mother would give a "sign of endorsement."

The royal family was allegedly dismayed after Prince Andrew demanded to take center stage at Prince Philip's memorial service. The move reportedly caused "consternation" among the royals.

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Queen Elizabeth Endorsing Prince Charles' Younger Brother, Royal Experts Claim

Several royal experts interpreted the Queen's move of allowing her disgraced son as her escort as an endorsement of the Duke of York.


Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told The Express, "This was her way of quietly showing 'OK, he messed up really badly, this was a disgrace, but he is my son.'"

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Former royal correspondent Peter Hunt also agreed that the Queen was hinting that she was endorsing her second son.

"It didn't happen by chance. He could have sat in the congregation with others, with his relatives, but they actively decided that he would have this role of supporting her," Hunt said per Daily Mail. "She's very clearly stating that he has a role at family occasions."

He continued, "It's one thing to accept that he should attend his father's memorial service, it's quite another thing to then give him quite a prominent role so it was an active choice to give him such a prominent role."

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Queen Elizabeth Insisted To Have Prince Andrew As Her Escort


In contrast to Daily Mail's report, royal biographer and commentator Robert Jobson told People that it was Queen Elizabeth who insisted to have Prince Andrew as her escort.

Jobson admitted that there was disquiet among the senior members of the royal family, "but she insisted" for a reason.

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"It does make some sense that he accompany her because he doesn't have a partner. A settlement has been paid but he's guilty of nothing in the eyes of the law," he said. "She has faith in Andrew. Even if he disappears from public life, he's been able to pay tribute to his father, who after all, was very proud of his service in the Royal Navy, where he fought in the Falkland Islands conflict."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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