Prince Charles Fury: Camilla Parker-Bowles' Husband Not Yet Ready To Forgive Harry, Meghan Markle? Duke Urged To Snub Andrew's Claim On Windsor Property

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Prince Charles was said to be one of the most affected royal family members when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their decision to leave rwasoyal life in January 2020. The husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles allegedly did not speak to his youngest son for months following the infamous Megxit.

Things between Prince Charles and Prince Harry reportedly worsened after the Sussex pair's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021. The husband of Meghan Markle also slammed his own father over his parenting, claiming the future British monarch made him "suffer" as a child.

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Now, a new report claims Prince Charles is not ready to forgive and forget just yet when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Keep on reading to know more details.


Prince Charles Having Second Thoughts In Giving Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Hybrid Roles?

New Idea, in its May 9, 2022, issue, reported that Prince Charles has remained "reticent" to give in to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wish for a hybrid role, where they would earn money privately and use Crown income. The Prince of Wales allegedly believes it would put the British monarchy at risk of backlash over conflicts of interest.

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An unnamed royal insider told the magazine:

"Charles is still stinging over Harry's very public claim that he cut them off, which wasn't true. Now that the Netflix news has come out, he's starting to suspect their motives are more driven by money than a true willingness to heal their family problems. I can't see Charles handing over a single penny."

Most, if not all, royal fans are aware that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received some bad news recently. The former actress' Pearl series, an animated kid's show for Netflix, had been canceled. Unidentified sources suggested the Sussex couple were informed part of their lucrative deal had collapsed "long before the rest of the world found out."

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Besides Netflix, Meghan Markle still has a lucrative podcast deal with Spotify that will be launched in June. The Invictus Games documentary of Prince Harry, on the other hand, remains on Netflix's slate, and it reportedly left Prince Charles feeling nervous.

The source added:

"The Sussexes will be desperate to keep these projects afloat, or their American dream will be over. It is finally dawning on them that their real worth to viewers or listeners comes from spilling royal secrets -- aka their truths -- and the concern is they'll double down on that to keep their lucrative deals in place. And if they do, any chance of Charles opening up his wallet will fade."

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Prince Charles has yet to comment on the reports saying he already has enough of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So, devoted supporters of the Duke of Cornwall should take all these unverified claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Prince Charles Encouraged To Snub Prince Andrew's Claims On A Windsor Property

Meanwhile, Prince Charles was urged to ignore the claims of Prince Andrew on a Windsor property for Princess Eugenie, which the future monarch allegedly eyes for Prince William and Kate Middleton. Express UK reported the better half of Camilla Parker-Bowles is expected not to entertain the Yorks' bid to secure Adelaide Cottage.


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Royal expert Rebecca English said Prince Andrew had long wanted the said royal residence for Princess Eugenie. The Daily Mail royal editor stated:

"I’ve been told by contacts that could be a little bit tricky because Prince Andrew has actually always had his eye on that property. It’s been used as a grace-and-favor home for royal staff and distant relatives for many years.”

Of Prince Charles' brother, Rebecca English furthered:

“He’d rather hoped one of his children, particularly Princess Eugenie, might able to move into it. The Cambridges would get priority if they do want the residence. It's quite interesting that Andrew sees his future very much at Windsor, despite his withdrawal from public life, and he wants his daughters there too.”

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The Daily Mail consultant editor Andrew Pierce also commented on the subject. He told Palace Confidential that Prince Charles has to "put his foot down" and not grant minor and distant royals grace-and-favour properties.

The journalist added:

“It has got to stop. Besides, William, Kate, and Harry, if he was ever to come back, the rest should not get a royal residence. "

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Royal expert Richard Eden also chimed in on the matter and said:

“As the future king, I think William has the first refusal. If they want it, they get it.”

The comments came just weeks after it was reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton are eyeing moving to Windsor this summer with Adelaide Cottage being their priority. Prince Charles has yet to respond to the experts' remarks.

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