Prince Andrew Shock: Princess Eugenie's Father Reportedly Didn't Receive Inheritance From Queen Elizabeth

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth III granted many favors to her third child, Prince Andrew, when she was still alive despite his shortcomings. She even chose him to be her escort at Prince Philip's memorial despite being involved in numerous controversies. However, the Duke of York reportedly received nothing from the late monarch.

Prince Andrew Has No Share From The Queen's Fortune?

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice's dad had told his friends that he had not received an inheritance from the Queen's AU $1.18 billion fortune, according to The Sun on Sunday (via New Idea).

The outlet noted that His Majesty has yet to divide the money between himself and his siblings — Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Prince Andrew reportedly wanted to receive his share after being hit by sexual abuse allegations when he quit as a working royal and lost his public funding.

Additionally, in the past six months, the disgraced royal had lost his taxpayer-funded guard and accommodation at Buckingham Palace.

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An insider claimed:

"He's in despair. He's a member of the family, for God's sake. What's he meant to do? Go cap in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head?"

Prince Andrew was reportedly "bewildered" for getting none of his late mother's money. Princess Anne and Prince Edward also allegedly have "some resentment" about not receiving any inheritance earlier.

Despite being kicked out from Buckingham Palace, King Charles is still acting as a big brother to Prince Andrew. The new monarch asked his son Prince Harry to vacate Frogmore Cottage because he wanted the Duke of York to move into the property. However, Prince Andrew reportedly felt that moving into Frogmore Cottage from the Royal Lodge would be a downgrade.

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Was Prince Andrew The Queen's Favorite Child?

In the fourth episode of Netflix's The Crown Season 4, titled Favourites, Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) learned that Margaret Thatcher favors her son, Mark, over his twin Carol. The British monarch then wondered if she had a favorite child.

Later in the episode, she asked her husband, Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies), if she made a mistake being so soft on Prince Andrew, her favorite son, Elle reported.

According to Christopher Andersen, author of the book titled The King: The Life of Charles III, the Queen was a different mom to King Charles and Princes Anne and Prince Edward and Prince Andrew. She was reportedly more affectionate after she welcomed her two youngest children.

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Anderson wrote:

"The Queen treated Andrew and Edward very differently than she did Charles and Anne. She was very affectionate toward the two younger ones, especially Edward."

An insider speculated that the Queen was probably more comfortable with her role while raising her two older children, so she was more lenient and sweet to her two younger children.

Andersen added:

"As if a switch had gone off, and suddenly there she was, a loving, caring mum. Too late for Charles and Anne, sadly."

Do you believe that there's no inheritance for Prince Andrew?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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