Prince Andrew Shock: Duke Of York And Sarah Ferguson 'Totally Blindsided' Buckingham Palace Aides With 'Cringy' Instagram Posts Using HRH Title

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Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have maintained their close friendship despite being divorced several years ago. Just recently, many were shocked about the Duke of York's post on his ex-wife's Instagram account, especially because he signed it with his HRH title when the Queen already ordered him never to use it again.

Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson Raised Eyebrows For 'Very Cringy' Instagram Post

Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, hosts of Royally Obsessed, weighed in on the recent social media move from the Duke and Duchess of York. In a since-deleted post, Prince Andrew wrote about his experience of fighting in the Falklands and how he joined the war "full of bravado" and returned as a "changed man."


According to the podcast hosts, Buckingham Palace had no idea that Prince Andrew would be making a post on the Duchess of York's official Instagram page. So, they were allegedly "blindsided."

"It is @sarahferguson15 that they shared these posts written by Andrew, supposedly Fergie's the one who requested that he share his reflections on the 40th anniversary of him leaving to serve in the Falklands war with the Royal Navy," Fiorito was quoted by Express as saying. "He shares over 700 words in three different posts. It was originally signed the HRH Duke of York which he's not supposed to be using the HRH."

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Fiorito noted that the exes "removed the HRH from the caption, edited that out and then the posts were taken down."

She continued, "Buckingham Palace aides were told and they were totally blindsided and had zero clue [about the posts."

Meanwhile, Bowie said that her first reaction was that Prince Andrew "mainly needs an editor." He also wondered who among their inner circle guided them to make such decisions or if they were just "totally going rouge."

Us Weekly hosts Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross also shared their thoughts about Prince Andrew's posts. Ross said it was "very cringy."

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What Makes Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson's Instagram Post Controversial?

The post that the Duke and Duchess of York shared on her Instagram account Saturday was about Prince Andrew's experience as a helicopter pilot in the conflict four decades ago. According to Sarah Ferguson, she asked her ex-husband for his reflections on the 40th anniversary of his sailing from Portsmouth to the Falklands.

However, it raised eyebrows because he signed off as HRH The Duke of York. Shortly after that, he edited it and removed the His Royal Highness reference before taking down all the posts for good, a few hours later, BBC reported.

The outlet was unsure why the 700-word post was removed. However, as a veteran and a non-working royal, the Duke of York no longer has official status in public life. Also, he should no longer use the HRH title. BBC noted that while the exes' intention was unclear, their move "looked clumsy and ill-conceived."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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