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Pochita Is Melting Chainsaw Man Fans’ Hearts After Episode 3

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Chainsaw Man continues to get a lot of buzz online with the latest episode being praised for its impressive animation. Though another thing about the last episode trended online as Pochita is melting Chainsaw Man fans’ hearts because of a particular scene in Episode 3.

While Pochita may not be with us anymore in his original form, he did make an appearance in the latest episode via a flashback, and it made fans want to protect the super-cute Chainsaw Devil.

Spoiler Warning: This article has spoilers for the first three episodes of the anime, though there are no major manga spoilers here.

Chainsaw Man – What Is Pochita?

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Pochita made a splash when he appeared in the show’s first episode thanks to his cute appearance despite the fact that he’s a fearsome devil (though maybe not in this form).

In Episode 1, it was revealed that the main character, Denji, found Pochita after finding out that the debt of his dead father was passed on to him by the yakuza.

When Denji discovered that Pochita was seriously wounded, he saved the Chainsaw Devil by letting him feed on his blood.

This meant that Denji and Pochita entered a contract. Since then, the two have become inseparable, with Denji using Pochita to mow down Devils and cut down trees as you would with a chainsaw.

But during the events of Episode 1, the yakuza members were taken over by the Zombie Devil and then proceeded to kill both Denji and Pochita.

Denji manages to survive as Pochita transforms into his heart, with his only request being for Denji to show him more of his dreams.

Because of this, Pochita is effectively inside Denji, meaning he probably won’t appear in his original form, at least in the present day of the story.

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Specifically, Pochita’s flashback appearance happened as Denji recounted the time when he thought he lost Pochita. Though it’s revealed that Pochita was left in their shed, and he is shown crying when Denji finally spots him.

While it was a short scene, lots of fans discussed the moment on Twitter, with many fans expressing how cute Pochita is and how they just want to protect him.

Looking at the #chainsawman hashtag on Twitter, you’ll see a lot of references to that moment, including screenshots and fanart, some of which have tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

If you want more of Pochita, you might see more of him in the next Chainsaw Man episode which will be released next week.

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