Percy Jackson Disney+ Reboot Production Start Date Revealed

It looks like we'll be getting more awesome news about the Percy Jackson reboot very soon. Rick Riordan recently confirmed that the Disney+ series has already started auditions for the new Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood. Now, the author has announced that the highly anticipated show will begin production this summer!

It was previously reported that Rick Riordan shared an update on the casting for the reboot. The author confirmed that they had met several young actors who were auditioning for the roles of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. This is truly important considering that the series will center around the three characters.

So is the project close to finding its lead stars? Riordan revealed on his blog that the cast could be announced soon as production is set to start in four months!

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"After a wonderful dinner with James Bobin and Dan and Chris Hennah, Becky and I flew back to Boston. Goodbye, for now, Vancouver, but we’ll be seeing you again soon. We are due to start filming on June 1, assuming all goes as planned, and Becky and I will be there from day one!" Riordan wrote.

This is great news considering that fans have been waiting for the show to begin filming as soon as possible. Hopefully, we'll soon learn who will play the young heroes in the series.

We're excited about the young cast but there's another key role we are looking forward to. People have long been campaigning for original Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman to be cast as the new Poseidon in the reboot. There has been no official word about this yet but we're hoping it will eventually be announced once the main trio has been cast.

The Percy Jackson reboot has not yet been given an official release date but is expected to premiere on Disney+ soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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