Percy Jackson Creator Rick Riordan Teases Reboot With Similar Filming Tech Used in The Mandalorian

Disney Plus will be having a reboot of the famous young adult novels of Percy Jackson and its creator, Rick Riordan provides an update which teases that the new series will be having a similar filming technology used like that in The Mandalorian.

Percy Jackson Creator Rick Riordan Teases Reboot With Similar Filming Tech Used in The Mandalorian
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Percy Jackson Creator Rick Riordan Teases Reboot With Similar Filming Tech Used in The Mandalorian

The creator of Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan, shared in his blog an update on the progress of the upcoming Disney Plus show that they would be using some filming technology similar to The Mandalorian, "Possibly the coolest thing we did this week was visit Industrial Light and Magic’s 'Volume' stage, where Star Wars TV shows like The Mandalorian are filmed."

Riordan added, "This trip was just to see how the technology works and what it can make possible for a show like Percy Jackson. To be clear, this is not where we will be filming. But the hope is that when we do film, we will be able to use a similar process and learn from ILM’s cutting-edge expertise."

Further, The Mandalorian tech, as Riordan explained, “Puts you in the middle of a 360-degree virtual environment. They even plopped us in the middle of deep space at one point and let me punch the button 'enter hyperspace.' Suddenly, we were doing the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. The effects are so real we were warned to be careful if we had motion sickness, and they weren’t lying."

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Riordan was also thrilled to announce that they found a person to direct their pilot and it would be James Robin, "James [Robin] knows the Percy books well. His kids are fans. His humor is wonderful. We are in good hands, demigods, and lucky to have him joining our team. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes the way we expect!"

The Percy Jackson novels were all written by Rick Riordan from 2005 up to 2009 and it has been a much-loved young adult book series. The series, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, follows the adventured of Percy who found out that he is secretly the son of Poseidon to a human and with his father as the Greek god of the sea, he is a demigod, a half-blood. What makes him stand out is that he is a child of the big three. In his journey, the went with the Camp Half-Blood where he met his friends and even some foes.

Two live-action films were made following the Percy Jackson novels which starred Logan Lerman as the titular character and it was later revealed by Riordan that he did not have an active involvement in the development of those which is why the movies were far from his material.

Fans of the book series were thrilled upon the news that Disney+ would be taking over and give the novels a television series adaptation and they are hoping that this time, the show would be faithful to the source material written by Riordan.

There is still no release date for the Percy Jackson series.

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