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Peacemaker: 'Do Ya Wanna Taste It' Dance Steps Shared by James Gunn

If Peacemaker has something totally different from other series, it is the iconic opening credits scene it has wherein all the cast of the show dance to the beat of “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” by Wig Wam because admit it, the sequence is extremely hilarious, the song would play in your head for days. Now, its steps are out as it is shared by the writer and director of the show, James Gunn.

James Gunn recently shared on his Twitter account the dance step guide to the opening sequence of his latest show, Peacemaker, and the writer and director of the show dropped it in a hilarious way saying, “I don’t know where this came from but thanks. #Peacemaker”

For the die-hard fans of Peacemaker and for those who just wants to recreate the hilariously iconic opening dance number, it is finally here and maybe this is your moment, guys. The piece was originally from @kdusaurus and he literally drew the dance routine using airplane-style instruction cartoon of Peacemaker dancing.

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For the whole first episode, the opening dance sequence has been a phenomenon that it is all over social media from fans trying to learn the dance in their own clips or using it as a meme or a .gif for their reactions. Now, it is easier to know the steps thanks to this guide shared online.

James Gunn chose the song, as he shared on Rolling Stone, to foreshadow the events of the show which leads to the epic ending where Peacemaker and the team faced the Butterflies in their homecourt with the whole song of “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” on the background and Gunn felt it was the perfect choice for the scene.

Gunn also revealed in an interview with Polygon that he really wanted to do a dance sequence in his show where everyone was “doing something incredibly ridiculous, and looked incredibly serious,” as it would point to Peacemaker as not any ordinary TV show. When Gunn pitched the opening scene to John Cena, he was startled considering his stance on dancing but he pulled it off like a pro on the finished product.

See the opening credits of Peacemaker on the show, now streaming on HBO Max.

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