Outer Banks Season 3 Plot, Cast, Release Date: What Will Happen Next Season?

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Credit: Zero Media/YouTube Screenshot

Fans are now waiting for the coming of Outer Banks Season 3 after the cliffhanging Season 2 finale. John B. (Chase Stokes) and his friends will again be on a treasure hunt as the tension between the group and the elite class Kooks grow higher this time.

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With three new supporting characters coming, what’s next for the group of teen Pogues in Outer Banks Season 3? Here’s everything that you need to know.


What’s Next in Outer Banks Season 3?

The second season ended with the revelation that John B. is still alive. With that said, this storyline will be a key plot to explore in Outer Banks Season 3.

The Pogues plan to steal the gold back and go across Santo Domingo. They may also try their best to return home.

In addition, fans may see Kiara (Madison Bailey) and JJ’s (Rudy Pankow) love story blossom, per Devdiscourse.


Meanwhile, Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Limbre, told Metacritic in an interview that she would hang around with Big John (Charles Halford) quite a bit in the new season.

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For context, the second season finale teased a partnership between these two after Big John told Limbrey he would help her find the “shroud with healing powers” if she would assist his son, John B.

"I don't know if you'd call it 'teaming up,' but they are indeed together a great deal of the time, especially in the first part,” she teased.


However, there may be a danger behind this. Limbrey has already proven herself untrustworthy after killing his half-brother in the second season.

Mitchell herself is not even sure of her character. "I don't know that Limbrey is really a team player, let's just say that," she revealed.

Outer Banks Season 3 Cast

Netflix announced the new supporting characters joining Outer Banks Season 3. Andy McQueen, Fiona Palomo and Lou Ferrigno Jr. will be the series' new cast members.

According to Netflix Life, McQueen will play the role of Carlos Singh, a ruthless Caribbean leader who’s also on a mission to find his own gold.

Palomo, alternatively, will be seen as Sofia, a young woman member of Pogue who wants to be a Kook. Fans will also see her close relationship with Rafe (Drew Starkey).

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Lastly, Ferrigno will be part of Outer Banks Season 3 as Ryan. As Carlos’ (Andy McQueen) top security officer, he will do his best to perform his job well and promise not to fail.

Fans cans also see the return of the most cast of the second season, like Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss, Bailey, Pankow, Carlacia Grant, Austin North, Drew Starkey and Charles Esten.

Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date

Netflix is yet to announce the release date of Outer Banks Season 3, but fans expect it to be out this year.


The show was officially renewed for a third season in December 2021 and started its production in February.

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As the filming would reportedly run until August, it might take another three months to finish the post-production process. If this happens, Outer Banks Season 3 may be out in November.

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