One Piece Film: Red’s Anime Spoilers Explained

One Piece Film Red’s Anime Spoilers Explained Luffy
Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Film Red’s Anime Spoilers Explained Luffy
Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Film: Red is loved by fans thanks to its intriguing premise, stacked cast and characters, and solid animation. Following its official release in Japan, the film received greater international interest, mainly because of the spoilers online. With that said, here's One Piece Film: Red's anime spoilers explained.

Spoiler Warning: There are major One Piece Film: Red spoilers ahead that go up to the current events of the One Piece manga!

One Piece Film: Red’s Anime Spoilers Explained

Here is a list of all the major spoilers in One Piece Film: Red:

The Debut of Luffy’s Gear Five

The Debut of Luffy’s Gear Five Luffy
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Credit: Toei Animation

Despite making a brief appearance in the final attack against the TOT Demon King of Songs, Luffy's Gear Five makes its official debut in One Piece Film: Red.

He switched from Gear Four to Gear Five in a split second before defeating the TOT Demon King in Uta's world alongside Shanks in the real world.

Interestingly, Luffy's Gear Five appeared in the film, while the other Straw Hat Pirates fought without their power-ups following the Whole Cake Island Arc.

Prior to the film's release, Zoro and Sanji's promotional character designs included their Enma and raid suits. However, both of these power-ups did not appear in One Piece Film: Red.

In addition, there's also Jinbe, who was already a member of Luffy's crew and was fighting alongside the Straw Hats.

Furthermore, Luffy is already hailed as the Fifth Emperor, but Big Mom is still alive and well on Whole Cake Island.

All of this simply implies that One Piece Film: Red does not take place in any particular timeline in the original One Piece story.

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Canon One Piece Information

Canon One Piece Information Shanks
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Credit: Toei Animation

Eiichiro Oda revealed canon information on some characters in the film, including the Red Hair Pirates, in a booklet included with One Piece Film: Red passes.

Helmeppo, as it turns out, has joined Koby in SWORD. Blueno is also confirmed to have joined CP0, implying that Kalifa has as well.

Shanks, as a Conqueror's Haki user, is also known as an "observation killer," because he can prevent his opponents from seeing into the future with his aura control.

Meanwhile, Benn Beckman can use his rifle with his Haki to penetrate his opponents with bullets that even a Logia like Kizaru can't stop.

Yasopp, on the other hand, has earned the nickname "Chaser" due to his exceptional sniping skills, with the ability to hit 100 targets out of 100 shots. He can also use observation Haki just like Yusopp.

Furthermore, Lucky Roux can use Haki while fighting like a bowling ball, utilizing his large build.

Bonk Punch and Monster, the current musical duo, fight side by side in battle. They are also as powerful as the Red Hair Pirates' other executives.

Limejuice can use Geppo, which is similar to Sanji's Sky Walk attack. He can also fight with bats, which can cause fatal electric discharges.

Hongo, the Red Hair Pirates' surgeon, is also an expert in technology, particularly disassembling machines.

Building Snake, like Nami, is the crew's navigator. He can also fight by juggling two swords, roughly comparable to acrobatic trick moves.

Finally, Howling Gab can fire a laser roar from his mouth, cutting through his opponents.

The booklet also confirms that SSG is an abbreviation for the Special Science Group, which is led by Vegapunk.

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Uta’s Relationship With Shanks

Uta's Relationship With Shanks Uta
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Credit: Toei Animation

To begin with, Shanks is not Uta's biological father. He only acts as Uta's father after feeling a strange connection with her since she was a child.

Shanks discovered Uta inside one of the treasure chests stolen by the Red Hair Pirates from a random island. He was the first person on the crew to hear Uta's cries and the first to make her laugh.

Shanks and Uta, along with the other Red Hair Pirates, have treated each other like real family since then. He even made Uta the crew's official musician because of her lovely singing voice.

Their peaceful and happy life together, however, came to an end when the Red Hair Pirates landed on the musical island of Elegia.

Uta awoke the Tot Musica, also known as the Demon King of the Songs, who slept beneath the main castle in Elegia. The Tot Musica took over Uta's body and wreaked havoc on the island, forcing Shanks to intervene.

Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates took responsibility for the destruction of Elegia Island in order to protect Uta's childhood.

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They also requested that the King of Elegia, Gordon, lie about what had occurred, leaving Uta in his care.

Uta developed a dislike for Shanks as she grew older, believing that he abandoned her when she needed him the most.

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Uta’s Relationship With Luffy

Uta’s Relationship With Luffy Uta and Luffy
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Credit: Toei Animation

Uta and Luffy have been friends since they were children. They were not only friends, but they were also rivals back then.

They competed in various contests against one another, including several running and eating showdowns.

When the Red Hair Pirates visited Foosha Village, Uta was the first person to tell Luffy about their sea adventures.

But when Shanks left Uta in Elegia, Luffy assumed it was Uta's decision to separate in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a world-renowned singer.

Uta’s Devil Fruit Abilities

Uta’s Devil Fruit Abilities Uta
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Credit: Toei Animation

The Uta-Uta no Mi, or Song Song Devil Fruit, gave Uta her devil fruit abilities. She ate the devil fruit and gained its abilities prior to her separation from Shanks.

The Uta-Uta no Mi is a Paramecia-type devil fruit that enables Uta to transfer people's consciousness to a virtual space by singing.

Most notably, she can summon the Demon King of Songs by singing the Tot Musica.

Uta created a virtual space known as "Uta's World," where she transferred the consciousness of all of her fans, including the Straw Hat Pirates, some members of the Big Mom Pirates, and some navy officers, leaving their sleeping bodies in the real world.

Uta is the living embodiment of a god who can do whatever she wants in her world. She can also entrap them inside and transform them into almost anything she desires.

However, Uta can only maintain her own virtual space if she stays awake. As a result, Uta endures by eating wakeshrooms to keep herself from sleeping.

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