One of Us Is Lying Season 2: Here’s Why the Second Outing Looks Different from Karen M. McNamus’ One of Us Is Next

Credit: Peacock/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Peacock/YouTube Screenshot

One of Us Is Lying Season 2 is slightly different from the series’ source material. Karen M. McNamus’ book sequel, One of Us Is Next, features a time jump and shifts the focus to Maeve (Melissa Collazo) and a set of new characters. The show’s executive producer Erica Saleh explains what happens and hints at a scarier second outing.

The Bayview High students will take a new route in One of Us Is Lying Season 2. That said, what will happen this time?

All Of Us Is Lying Season 2 Hints

In an interview with TVLine, Saleh explained they wanted to continue telling the story of the first season’s characters and where they ended after it.

With the first season’s twists and turns, with the leads just starting to trust each other, beginning to be honest about who they are, and having someone know what they did after Jake’s (Barrett Carnahan) death, for her, the story is just starting.

“Not having the books as a story guide for the second season was both “exciting and freeing,” but also “a little nerve-wracking,” Saleh admitted. “Just in terms of how much we know our fans love the books and love these characters, and just wanting to make sure that we were really continuing to deliver on the heart of the characters that Karen created.”

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That said, going in a different direction left Saleh and the show’s writers with a big responsibility to create a “new Simon says” and their own mystery for One Of Us Is Lying Season 2. The Murder Club has something to do with the murder this time, despite calling it self-defense.

“Everything in Season 2 gets a little darker and a little more intense than what we had them going through in Season 1,” Saleh continued. “So much of the mystery in Season 1 was about will they be able to prove their innocence and figure out who killed Simon?”

So, by the looks of it, fans have to find out if the rest of the gang can cover up what happened and who’s behind the threats.

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“That naturally lends itself to a sort of darker, scarier place this season,” Saleh teased.

All Of Us Is Lying Season 1 Recap

The first season remained faithful to McManus’ novel, All Of Us Is Lying, based on five students who entered the detention, but only four made it out alive.

People behind the show enjoyed their liberty to make it different by developing new relationships that weren’t seen in the book.

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They also added new twists to the mystery behind the killer of the school’s resident gossip blogger, Simon (Mark McKenna), and why this perpetrator set up the four main leads.

All Of Us Is Lying Season 2 exclusively dropped on Peacock on Thursday, October 20.

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