Nintendo Reportedly Remastering Mario Galaxy, Mario 64, and Other Super Mario Games for the Switch

Nintendo Switch fans are about to be in for a treat as some big reports are claiming that the company is going to remaster several fan-favorite Super Mario games for the system, as part of the character's 35th anniversary. As if that news wasn't exciting enough, the reports claim that Super Mario Galaxy, one of the character's best games, will be one of the games coming to the console/handheld hybrid.

First reported by Video Game Chronicles and confirmed by Eurogamer, the reports claim that these remastered Super Mario games will supposedly include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, the previously-mentioned Galaxy, and Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Edition, an improved version of the Wii U game. Those are a lot of excellent titles and have us Switch owners crossing our fingers and hoping that these rumors are true.

If that wasn't tantalizing enough, the reports are also claiming that a new Paper Mario game is also on the way. While Nintendo themselves haven't commented on the matter, we know that fans will go insane if the new Paper Mario is done in the same style as Thousand-Year Door. No joke, if they make this game similar to Sticker Star or Color Splash, people are going to riot.

Considering the success of Super Mario Odyssey, we're not too surprised that Nintendo would want their fans to revisit Mario's other 3D adventures that influenced Odyssey. Let's hope for more news when it comes to these remastered Super Mario games for the Nintendo Switch.

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