Ninja Kamui Anime Announces Release Date

Ninja Kamui Release Date

Ninja Kamui Release Date

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Sunghoo Park may not have returned for the second Jujutsu Kaisen anime season, but the notable director has kept himself busy. Soon, his latest project will finally premiere, as the Ninja Kamui release date has finally been confirmed via a new Adult Swim trailer.

This upcoming anime was announced back in May 2022 by Adult Swim, and it’s an intriguing new project as it’s being produced by Park’s new studio.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Director Helms Original Ninja Anime

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Adult Swim is no stranger to anime as the Toonami programming block has released Japan-produced shows over the years. These include the FLCL sequel shows such as Alternative and Progressive.

Its latest project is Ninja Kamui, the first TV anime series by E&H Production. This is the new studio founded by Sunghoo Park, the director of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 and The God of High School.

This isn’t the first anime by the studio though, as E&H Production also made the Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation anime, which has just been released on Netflix.

Also helping produce the series is Sola Digital Arts, the studio behind Blade Runner: Black Lotus.

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Ninja Kamui Is Getting an English Simuldub Release

Given that Adult Swim is a programming block in Toonami in the US, it should come as no surprise that this new ninja anime will feature an English simuldub release.

This was highlighted in the show’s new English-language trailer that was shared on Adult Swim’s official X (formerly Twitter) account.

As an anime produced in Japan, this series will also have a Japanese dub with English subtitles option. This is likely going to be available on the show’s streaming release.

For now, there’s no word yet on the cast. More details are expected to be shared closer to its premiere.

Ninja Kamui Reveals Release Date: Where to Watch

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The anime’s previous trailer released five months ago featured some violent and action-packed clips. Meanwhile, the new trailer features an even bigger dose of action.

Along with scenes from the series, the trailer also reveals the anime’s release date. You can check it out here:

The Ninja Kamui official Adult Swim release date is on February 10 in the US.

As for its streaming release, new episodes of the show will be available to stream on Max the day after their Adult Swim broadcast.

Ninja Kamui Official Episode Count Revealed

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Even though it’s an Adult Swim show, Ninja Kamui will have a typical episode count for an anime series.

It was recently confirmed by Adult Swim executive Jason DeMarco on X that the series will feature 12 episodes.

For now, there’s no word yet on plans for more episodes following the first cour.

What fans can expect is the upcoming game adaptation titled Ninja Kamui: Shinobi Origins, which will be released in Spring 2024.

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