New Blood: Dexter and Harrison's Father-Son Relationship Isn't Genuine, Clancy Brown Says

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Dexter: New Blood star Clancy Brown believes Dexter is indifferent about his son Harrison.

In the series, Brown plays Kurt Caldwell, a serial killer who has been murdering women, embalming them, and displaying them in trophy cases for the past 25 years.

Brown: Dexter Doesn’t Care Much about Harrison


Despite the fact that New Blood features Dexter and Harrison reuniting after a decade apart, Brown believes the former blood-spatter analyst is unconcerned about his son.

When questioned if Kurt ever had genuine love for Harrison in an interview with Collider, Brown said no, saying that his character was a sociopath who also didn't care about his kid, Matt.

“I don't think sociopaths care about anybody, to be honest with you,” Brown commented. “I don't think Dexter really cares that much about Harrison. I mean, he might try.”

“Sometimes they're really good at it, and I think Kurt has gotten really good at manipulating a lot of his life around his addiction. But I don't think he's a good guy at all. And I don't think Dexter's a good guy, by the way.”

How Will Dexter and Harrison’s Relationship Play Out?

Brown's statement appears to correspond to Dexter's starting position in the original series. Dexter sought a girlfriend in order to appear normal. When Dexter had been with Rita for so long, he began to feel genuine emotion for her, which was a weird and unexpected sensation for him. They eventually marry, and despite his sociopathic tendencies, when Harrison is born, he appears to have a deep bond with him.

Dexter changed a lot throughout the eight seasons that the original show aired, which is one of the reasons why so many people were upset when Dexter abandoned Harrison in the final season.

In this new revival series, Dexter has done his best to mend his fractured relationship with Harrison. Rather than immediately telling him that he is a serial killer, Dexter did everything he could to maintain a normal connection with his kid by shielding him from the truth. That plan ultimately failed, and Dexter murdered Kurt in front of Harrison.

It's unclear how Dexter and Harrison's story will finish in Dexter: New Blood's season finale. But we’ll find out soon enough on Jan. 9.