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Netflix Unveils Action-Packed Trailer For Chris Hemsworth's Extraction 2

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Netflix Unveils Action-Packed Trailer For Chris Hemsworth's Extraction 2
Credit: Netflix

One of the most streamed movies of all time on Netflix will be coming back with Chris Hemsworth suiting up once more as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2 which just got its action-packed trailer unveiled a month before arriving on the streaming platform.

The first full trailer of Extraction 2 marks the start of the month-long countdown for the return of Chris Hemsworth's Tyler Rake in the sequel.

The trailer begins with Nik Kahn talking to Tyler Rake about what happened to him nine months ago, when he entered into a high stakes mission by the bridge and was presumed dead, only to come out alive in the end.

This line confirms that the events in Extraction 2 is set nine months after the first movie and it turns out Tyler Rake was already clinically dead but literally came back to life upon revival.

Tyler Rake lives off-the-grid, fishing and in an icy tundra, and Chris Hemsworth even had his own version of the wood-chopping with an axe. (Yup, you get the reference!)

Nik thinks that Tyler fought his way back to life which is why she encourages him to know the reason behind him wanting to survive.

The next scenes tease another action-packed film which is expected to have more thrilling scenes than the first movie.

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There is also a train scene which literally took everyone's breath away seeing Tyler almost hitting a wall had he not pulled himself up in time.

With all that has happened to Tyler, he is in another mission with kids, and it just goes to show that no matter how strong he is, he has a weakness on children.

This aspect is expected to be delved into the sequel as well because he is, somehow, connected to the family he is saving.

Extraction is based on the graphic novel titled Ciudad written by Ande Parks, Joe and Anthony Russo, Fernando León González, and Eric Skillman.

Extraction 2 will be released exclusively on Netflix on June 16, 2023.


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