Mortal Kombat Movie: Lewis Tan Mystery Role Finally Revealed

At this point, it seems like we already know who is playing who in the Mortal Kombat movie except for the lead star himself. So who is Lewis Tan playing in the highly anticipated adaptation of the video game franchise? Tan's mystery role has just been revealed and it's not who you think it is.

The revelation comes from Entertainment Weekly, which shared the first images from the Mortal Kombat film. It also confirmed that Tan is playing "a wholly new character to the Mortal Kombat world" named Cole Young.

But who is Cole Young? Tan shared some interesting details about his character.

"When we first meet Cole, he's in a really bad spot," he said. "He's down on his luck. He's kind of a washed-up MMA fighter who used to be a champion, who used to believe in himself, who used to have a lot of hope in his career. And it's all gone down the drain."

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Credit: Mark Rogers/New Line/Warner Bros.

Tan added that Cole's story isn't a conventional way to start a hero's journey but it works for the film.

"It's a very interesting place for a hero to start, and I think that, along the journey of Mortal Kombat and Cole discovering where he comes from, you're introduced to all these other iconic characters and elements that everybody loves so dearly," he said.

It's great to finally know who Tan is playing in the Mortal Kombat film but it's also disappointing for fans who were hoping that the Wu Assassins star had been cast as Johnny Cage. In addition to that, it sounds like Johnny will not be showing up in the upcoming adaptation.

Introducing a new character and making them the lead might seem like a risky move but Tan has always made his roles stand out in all of his projects. With that in mind, we're looking forward to learning more about Cole soon.

Mortal Kombat is scheduled for release in theaters and on HBO Max on April 16, 2021.

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