One Piece Fan Favorite Makes Surprise Appearance in Monsters: 103 Anime

monsters zoro one piece ryuma

monsters zoro one piece ryuma

One of Eiichiro Oda’s first one-shots got an anime recently, and it proved to be a treat for fans of his signature series. That’s because the Monsters: 103 anime featured a surprise appearance by Zoro from One Piece.

The link between Monsters and One Piece is something that many fans are already familiar with, though Zoro being part of the anime was a pleasant surprise for many, especially given the scene shown.

Spoiler Warning: There are Monsters: 103 spoilers in this article.

Monsters: 103 Post-Credits Features Thriller Bark Flash Forward

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Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation is an exciting anime for many reasons, even though it’s only a one-episode OVA.

For starters, it is directed by Sunghoo Park, the notable director of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1. This is his first major work with E&H Production, the new studio he founded.

Next, there’s the fact that the one-shot manga that it’s based on has a connection to One Piece. After all, its story follows Ryuma, the wandering samurai who appeared as a zombie in the Thriller Bark Saga.

This anime special is a faithful adaptation of the original one-shot, though it featured a special post-credits scene that delighted One Piece fans.

After Ryuma defeats the dragon and goes on his way, the scene shifts to the Thriller Bark Saga, showing Ryuma as a zombie.

On its own, showing this is already a nice nod to the events of the main series, though the anime did not end there, as it also showed one of the saga’s most memorable moments.

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Monsters: 103 Sees Zoro Appear to the Delight of One Piece Fans

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Ryuma and Roronoa Zoro's fight in Thriller Bark was a highlight of the saga, especially as it sees Ryuma bequeath his sword, Shusui, to Zoro in recognition of his prowess as a swordsman.

The Monsters: 103 anime remade this scene, which is no doubt a treat for fans of the green-haired swordsman. After all, the anime’s modern art style and animation definitely did the scene justice.

Following its release, many fans expressed their delight with the scene, as well as the direction of the anime special. Some even noted how Ryuma is reminiscent of Zoro, albeit with a more colorful personality.

What’s also interesting is that the anime may have also done a retcon. As noted by @newworldartur, the original one-shot featured Ryuma with a generic sword.

In the anime though, Ryuma wields Shusui. This might have been done so that the Thriller Bark flash forward would work.

Even though the Monsters: 103 anime is just a single-episode OVA, fans at least have the One Piece anime to look forward to as it continues to get new episodes weekly.

Moreover, there’s also an upcoming remake project by Wit Studio that was announced at Jump Festa 2024.

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