A Vampire in the Family: Who Is Monique Alfradique in the Newest Netflix Comedy Flick?

monique alfradique vampire in the family
Credit: Netflix

monique alfradique vampire in the family
Credit: Netflix

It may be the season of spreading holiday cheer, but Netflix also released a non-Christmas Christmas flick to enjoy this Christmas, and that is the Brazilian horror comedy, A Vampire in the Family. That said, who is Monique Alfradique, and where might you have seen the actress before?

Where Have You Seen Monique Alfradique Before?

monique alfradique vampire in the family
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Credit: Netflix

Before we get into who Monique Alfradique plays in the newly released Netflix film, A Vampire in the Family, here's where you may have seen the actress before.

Monique Alfradique has been on-screen since the 2005 TV series, One in a Blue Moon, where she played the role of Branca for 81 episodes.

The Netflix film is not Alfradique's first role to star in the spotlight as she also previously depicted the main character role of Fernanda in the Pure Beauty show and Kate Middleton in the entire Casseta & Planeta Vai Fundo series.

This makes A Vampire in the Family her most recent starring role. However, the Netflix flick's IMDb rating of 4.5/10 falls behind from Alfradique's previous shows released this year: Elas por Elas (5.2) and A Lasanha Assassina: O ataque das massas.

Considering that Alfradique is no stranger when it comes to playing comedic roles, here's who she plays in A Vampire in the Family.

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The Clueless Housewife Vanessa's Role in A Vampire in the Family

Monique Alfradique is Vanessa in A Vampire in the Family. As a mother, wife, and sister of the family, her job is to make her brother, Greg (played by Romulo Arantes Neto), feel more than welcome to stay as long as he needs.

However, what Vanessa fails to see is just how different being vegan and being a vampire is.

Vanessa has been fooled throughout the film, thinking that her brother, Greg, is nothing more than a vegan.

Despite showing obvious signs of being a vampire, Vanessa had always dropped everything her husband told her about Greg's identity.

While she merely wants her family to get along with her brother, it would seem that she, too, has been led to believe that her brother is doing nothing wrong while staying with her family.

You can check out the official synopsis for Netflix's A Vampire in the Family below:

When a fainthearted ex-soccer player learns his brother-in-law is a vampire with world domination plans, he must gather his courage and save the day.

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